• Jan 22, 2015 from 8:30am to 3:00pm
  • Location: San Ramon IBM Office
  • Latest Activity: Sep 2, 2021

San Francisco DB2 Users Group
Thursday, January 22, 2015
Meeting Location: 4000 Executive Pkwy, Suite #300, San Ramon, CA 94583
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (ending time is approximate). Coffee and Rolls will be available at 8:30 AM
RSVP to june.lundstrom@us.ibm.com
Join us to explore several timely DB2 for z/OS with experts from IBM's DB2 for z/OS Development Team.
“DB2 for z/OS: Real Storage Management: planning, monitoring, controlling and Thread Reuse with Bind option Release Deallocate" John Campbell
Abstract: John will do a combination presentation on real storage management and also cover some details on the BIND option with Release Deallocate. Topics will include:
•64-bit shared and 64-bit common
•Real storage controls
•Beginner’s guide to DISCARD
•Large frame area
•Real storage control
•Performance enhancements and SPIN avoidance
•Monitoring REAL/AUX usage
“Is your Mainfram Data Secured in DB2?" James Pickel
Abstract: Businesses have been protecting data from external end users for a long time on the Mainframe. New regulations and security concerns now require you to protect your data from internal or privileged users. Data base administrators typically use the DB2 system administrator authority, to perform their daily tasks. In many locations, the general use of the system administration authority is considered a security risk due to its ability to circumvent your security policies or processes. To eliminate the general use of the DB2 system administrator authority is a difficult and disruptive process. An database administrator can now be allowed to manage database objects or generate tuning statistics but have no ability to query user data. These authorities allow you to separate your DB2 administrators into system, database and security roles in order to achieve separation of duties and comply with your auditor demands. This session discusses several approaches that can be used to migrate off the system administration super user authority.
"Taming the Dynamic SQL Beast" Saghi Amirsoleymani
Abstract: With the proliferation of the use of dynamic SQL, it has become more challenging for database professionals to manage performance. This presentation will look at ways to assist in meeting these challenges. First, it will introduce the principles of dynamic statement caching and provide general rules of thumbs for overall performance. It will then look into the DB2 trace and EXPLAIN support to collect and externalize statement-level statistics. Finally, it will show how IBM Data Studio can be used to simplify the end-to-end tuning process.
"Best practices for DB2 for z/OS log-based recovery" Florence Dubois
Abstract: The need to perform a DB2 log-based recovery of multiple objects is a very rare event, but statistically, it is more frequent than a true disaster recovery event (flood, fire, etc). Taking regular backups is necessary but far from sufficient for anything beyond minor application recovery. If not prepared, practiced and optimized, it can lead to extended application service downtimes – possibly many hours to several days. This presentation will provide many hints and tips on how to plan, design intelligently, stress test and optimize DB2 log-based recovery.
"Wrap-up and Closing Remarks" June Lundstrom

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