• Mar 7, 2018 from 8:30am to 4:00pm
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9:30- 4:00

DB2 for z/OS Latest News and Continuous Delivery

Jeff Josten-IBM

Db2 12 is the latest release of Db2 for z/OS, it is built on the core capabilities of Db2 11, and gives businesses the capabilities needed to meet the business demands of the future by providing scale and speed for next era of Mobile and Interconnected devices along with application support for Cloud and Analytics. It delivers faster analytical insights and leverages advanced speedy In-Memory database performance. This session will give a quick recap of the Db2 12 features of most interest, and the latest news for Db2 11 and 12. We will also cover the latest on Db2 continuous delivery, which delivers features faster than ever before and in a more consumable way for customers.

DB2 Continuous Delivery Considerations for Customers

Jeff Josten-IBM  - Continued.........

SQL Enhancements Delivered with Db2 12 for z/OS

Robert Catterall - IBM

Every version of Db2 for z/OS introduces new SQL-related capabilities, and Db2 12 is no exception. In this session I will describe new SQL features delivered with Db2 12, including temporal enhancements, the native REST interface, the new-and-improved MERGE statement, piece-wise DELETE, result set pagination, advanced triggers, "real" Unicode columns in EBCDIC tables, global variable enhancements, new built-in functions, and more. 

Copy Smarter - Unload/Load, DSN1COPY and beyond

Kia Stroh

We will discuss setting up a refresh process for thousands of DB2 z/OS tables and the advantages and disadvantages of different utilities that copy DB2 data. The main focus will be on automating all the side tasks that DBAs usually need to do in addition to copying the data itself. 

Db2 for LUW

SQL Query Writing Tips To Improve Performance in Db2 and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Calisto Zuzarte —IBM

Data managed by databases has been growing exponentially and the trend has been to push much of the application processing close to the data. Applications often can no longer pull the data to do some processing as part of the application logic. Much of this logic is now expressed as one big SQL statement and executed in the database engine. Complex and sophisticated SQL queries, particularly analytical queries, can be a challenge to database optimizers. There are many ways to write SQL variations that get the same result. The optimizer has the goal of relieving the user from having to write the perfect version of the SQL statement.

Improvements in ETL with Column Oriented Tables

Calisto Zuzarte —IBM

This presentation covers the enhancements made to INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE to take ETL performance to the next level. We also look at how one might make it easier to pull in data from external sources.

Practical Guide to DB2 Optimizer Guidelines

Anthony Reina—IBM

The optimizer guidelines is a DB2 functionality that allows users to override and specify how the optimizer will generate the access plan either for a specific operation or the whole statement. This material will provide a simple and practical guide on how to design, develop, and maintain optimizer guidelines.

Lessons from the Field

Anthony Reina—IBM

From working with various customers, it is inevitable that we encounter issues that are not only challenging but also useful to share to all DB2 users. In this topic, we will cover various issues that were either caused by a known defect, product limitation, behavior changes, etc., at the same time addressing ways on how to resolve the issues.

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