Hi All,
Problem Statement:
I have a field with BLOB data type in DB2 database, I want to extract this blob and convert it to Text. The text data after the conversion will be in Japanese characters. How can I write a select with the conversion from Blob to Text and have the proper conversion from BLOB to Japanese Text.
Any quick help is highly appreciated.

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Hi All,
I have been working on this requirement and could manage to convert blob to hexadecimal and when I convert the hexadecimal value to text on online converters (from hexadecimal to string) its giving me the desired results.
Now, could anyone please help in converting hexadecimal to string/ text at the query level or through any script?

Thanks in advance.
I finally managed to convert the blob into text (Japanese Characters). Below are step I could figure out:
1. Convert to BLOB to Hexadecimal. Simple conversion can be done at SQL query level.
2. Once you have the hexadecimal values, you can write a xxd command on unix to convert it to text.



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