• Sorry for not specifying the plat form .

    I need a solution for databases hosted on the db2 10.1 on AIX

  • You can also have a look at the DB2 message log to ascertain the locking issues. Here you can get the correlation ids that are experiencing locking issues. 

  • at the moment that you are having locking issues,  you can issue

    -dis db(dbname) spacenam(tsname) locks

  • Please look at the descriptions for IFCID 172 (deadlock) and 196 (Timeout). These trace records are automatically cut when Statistics Trace Class 3 is started. I recommend that all installations automatically start this trace class via by SMFSTAT zparm. If you want to perform a detailed analysis of lock waits (suspend/resume) then should collect IFCID 44/45 pairs via Performance Trace, but should only run for short period as the overhead is significant and the trace output can be large.

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