Achieve Better Data Quality with Data Warehouse Observability

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    Achieve Better Data Quality with Data Warehouse Observability

    Wed, Apr 19, 2023 11:00 AM EDT



    Making sense of all your input data isn’t fun, especially when consuming inputs from 10s to 1000s of data sources daily.

    If your data teams teams are orchestrating massive amounts of data, across multiple data pipelines, it’s nearly impossible to…

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Db2 GSE workgroup meeting

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    Location :       IBM Belgium, Avenue du Bourget / Bourgetlaan 42
                            B-1130 Brussels Belgium


    09:00 – 09:30 Registration

    ·      09:30 – 09:40 Welcome and intro – Jan Tielemans

    ·      09:40 – 10:40 ‘Db2 13 for z/OS performance and zSynergy updates’, Akiko Hoshikawa – IBM

    ·      10:40 – 11:40 ‘Db2 real-time application monitoring, our needs, implementations, and an open  discussion’, Jan Cannaerts –…

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By Mark Gillis


In the first part of this blog I outlined an issue I’d come across with the conferring of Role-based permissions to Groups for certain objects. Here’s one way around it and some further observations on the underlying issue.…

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Db2 Log Space Management in V11.5

By Damir Wilder

Damir recently found himself in a situation where he needed to expand (quickly and without downtime) the Db2 Transaction Log space in a customer’s live production database, which had been steadily filling up (for several hours) by a very long and intensive transaction. Also contributing to the log space usage were numerous other (smaller) transactions that were executing during the same time and…

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By Iqbal Goralwalla

Earlier this year Db2 pureScale deployments were made available as a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) option through the AWS Marketplace with a pre-packaged template and point/click interface. This significantly simplifies the deployment process. It facilitates setting up a pureScale cluster from what used to be weeks or months to less than an hour. …

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Using take action to invoke predefined command to cancel a thread is available from OMPE’s Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) interface. This requires granting Db2 authority to the user ID of the OMPE started task which for some customers is not desired and considered a security concern.

With OMPE V540 APAR PH47423/UI82806 and fixpack 5.4.0-TIV-KD5-FP0025, two new prefixes “DP:” and “D5:” are introduced to pair with the existing cancel thread command. With prefixed command, the cancel…

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