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Need your advise on DB2 Connect 10.1

I am looking for some advice based on experience people may have with DB2 Connect PE V10.1 connecting to a DB2 z/OS V9.1 subsystem.  This is the first DB2 Connect V10 server I have worked with.   When I issue a set of DB2 commands, - Catalog TCPIP Node/Catalog DCS Database/Catalog Database – and the try to connect from the V10 server I get a connection failure with an SQL30081N, reason code 10061 error.  When I issue the same set of command from a V9 PE desktop to the same DB2 z/OS subsystem I…

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DB2 for z/OS pureXML complimentary bootcamp/workshop on Demand

IBM are offering complimentary DB2 for z/OS pureXML bootcamp/workshop on demand (available to webcast attendees Business partners and customers with applications that currently run on DB2 or who are new to DB2 can benefit from this workshop by learning how pureXML can help add value to your solutions and extend your market opportunities. Business consulting services who are currently working or plan to work with DB2 for their customers are also welcome to…

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Statistics on empty partition (partitioned by range)

I've a partitioned by range (year) tablespace with an index. All partitions, except the last, are loaded with information of past years. After RUNSTATS the tablespace, the last partition have its counters to 0. An explain of a SELECT limited to the year of the last partition give me a tablespace scan, a SELECT limited to other year give me a matching index. It's possible to 'copy' the statistics from a partition to the last partition to get a matching index in the last partition? Regards.    

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Meet IBM Expert - Mark Rader DB2 for z/OS IT Specialist Live with Q & A session 13th Sept 11 am EST

  IBM DB2 for z/OS and Workload Manager Intersection: Understanding the Basics Register Now If you are confused about what exactly the IBM z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) is, how it manages work on your system, and how it relates to IBM DB2, then join us for this webcast as we review the WLM features, including the types of goals you can set for each service class, importance levels and work classification. This information is the foundation for understanding how IBM DB2…

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