Need your advise on DB2 Connect 10.1

I am looking for some advice based on experience people may have with DB2 Connect PE V10.1 connecting to a DB2 z/OS V9.1 subsystem.  This is the first DB2 Connect V10 server I have worked with.


When I issue a set of DB2 commands, - Catalog TCPIP Node/Catalog DCS Database/Catalog Database – and the try to connect from the V10 server I get a connection failure with an SQL30081N, reason code 10061 error.  When I issue the same set of command from a V9 PE desktop to the same DB2 z/OS subsystem I get a successful connection.


Did anyone else have problems with this configuration?  Are there some new things to be aware of going from DB2 Connect PE V10.1 to DB2 z/OS V9?

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