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Db2 Administration Foundation for z/OS 1.1 is the no-charge administrative offering in the transformation of Db2 Tools for z/OS. It provides many of the basic features and functions for Db2 users. This includes database administrators and application administrators responsible for managing Db2 for z/OS.

Db2 Administration Foundation for z/OS 1.1 is a zero-client install, browser-based graphical user interface to utilize the new open-source Zowe virtual desktop. Db2…

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What is being announced?

IBM Db2 12 for z/OS (Db2 12) and select IBM Db2 Tools for z/OS (Db2 Tools) offerings have recently been refreshed, allowing IBM to provide much more current SMP/E base installable product images. These images provide a streamlined method for clients creating new installations, or for Db2 clients planning to install and/or migrate to Db2 12.These point-in-time product images drastically reduce the time…

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TITLE:  Things I wish I knew about the IBM Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS
Date:  Tuesday, June 23rd
Time:  11: 00 AM EST
REGISTRATION URL: https://bit.ly/2ULEH8r

If you are a Db2 for z/OS Database Administrator, Developer or System Programmer, you probably use the Db2 Administration Tool daily and often.  Are you aware of all its features and functions? …

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Performance thresholds are not a new concept.  They’re easy to understand in principle, but why do people avoid using them?  Some users believe that performance thresholds can cause you to react to a quick fix and often make performance worse than when you started.  If you’re setting Db2 performance thresholds based on changing application conditions, you are trying to anticipate what is normal and adjust from that.  Maybe you ignore using thresholds because they can’t detect the anomalies…

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