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DB2 12 Technical Overview Redbook     - Available for download

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BM® DB2® 12 for z/OS® delivers key innovations that increase availability, reliability, scalability, and security for your business-critical information. In addition, DB2 12 for z/OS offers performance and functional improvements for both transactional and analytical workloads and makes installation and migration simpler and faster. DB2 12 for z/OS also allows you to develop applications for the cloud and mobile devices by providing self-provisioning, multitenancy, and self-managing capabilities in an agile development environment.
DB2 12 for z/OS is also the first version of DB2 built for continuous delivery.

This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces the enhancements made available with DB2 12 for z/OS. The contents help database administrators to understand the new functions and performance enhancements, to plan for ways to use the key new capabilities, and to justify the investment in installing or migrating to DB2 12.

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview
Chapter 1. DB2 12 for z/OS at a glance
Chapter 2. Continuous delivery
Part 2. Subsystem
Chapter 3. Scalability
Chapter 4. Availability
Chapter 5. Data sharing
Part 3. Application functions
Chapter 6. SQL
Chapter 7. Application enablement
Chapter 8. Connectivity and administration routines
Part 4. Operations and performance
Chapter 9. Administrator function
Chapter 10. Security
Chapter 11. Utilities
Chapter 12. Installation and migration
Chapter 13. Performance
Appendix A. Information about IFCID changes
Appendix B. Additional material

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DB2 12 for z/OS The In-Memory Enterprise Database for Transactions and Analytics

This paper will provide a high-level overview of the major new features of IBM DB2 12 for z/OS from an IT Executive’s perspective, with the emphasis on the underlying business value that the new release can deliver.

About the author: Julian Stuhler is a Principal Consultant with Triton Consulting, a UK-based company specialising in the provision of DB2 consultancy, education, software and managed services to clients throughout Europe. He has over 30 years of relational database experience, working for a number of clients within the insurance, telecommunications, banking, financial services and manufacturing sectors.


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Our latest DB2 for z/OS book:- "DB2 12 - The No 1 Enterprise Database" is now available as a e-book.

This book was launched at World of Watson and all 5000 copies were gone as soon as they were available. This book is a must read for anyone that works with DB2 for z/OS:- architects, IT managers, DBA, system programs etc

The book not only talks about the hottest topics in the industry #CLOUD #ANALYTICS #MOBILE  but also

discusses the "core DB2 for z/OS capabilities" like availability, reliability, scalability and security that are at the tops of the minds of every CIO and IT directors and keeps them awake at night because without these "core attributes"  your database will not be able to exploit any of the "bells" and "whistles" and new technology that continuously makes the headlines.

I will keep this post brief about DB2 12 highlights because you will find everything you need to know if this book ;Click here now to download


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