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Register for DB2 for z/OS technical sessions at Data & AI on IBM Z Technical Symposium

IBM will be hosting this complimentary virtual event to learn how you can use IBM Z data for modern engagement, analytics and AI applications to become truly insights-driven. We have 3 great Db2 for z/OS sessions. Register Now




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Live Db2 12 Migration Planning Webcast followed by Customer Q&A Panel   
Guest Speakers:- Ute Kleyensteuber - Commerzbank  and Howard Paxton - HSBC
Dates: 26th & 27th February 2020

Remember IBM has announced End of Service for Db2 11- 30th September 2020

This is Double Db2 12 Migration Planning Webcast  we have 2 clients that will join John Campbell during the live Q &A  session.  Attendees will have an opportunity to ask clients questions about their Db2 12 planning and  upgrade experiences.
Remember IBM has announced Db2 11 end of Service 30th September 2020
26th February 2020 & 27th February 2020 REGISTER NOW 
This webcast will help customers migrate as quickly as possible but safely to Db2 12 the latest version of Db2 for z/OS. This webcast is in two parts. It will cover the following:
Share lessons learned, surprises, pitfalls
Provide hints and tips; address some myths
Provide additional planning information
Provide usage guidelines and positioning on new enhancements
Help customers migrate as fast as possible, but safely.
Live Q & A with panel with John Campbell IBM DE and
Ute Kleyensteuber, Senior Product Owner at Commerzbank AG. Germany
Howard PAXTON HSBC United Kingdom DB2 z-Series Systems Programmer

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Latest Updates

  • Call for Presentations is OPEN
  • Registration is NOW OPEN

Three Great Tracks Under One Roof

  1. Db2 for z/OS
  2. Db2 LUW
  3. Application Development

Get extra value by adding the Certification Voucher to your registration!

As an added value, you will find an option to purchase a certification voucher with your registration. If you select this offer, your event package will contain a voucher allowing you to sit one exam from the range of IBM certifications. The voucher will be valid for 6 months after the event at any of the official PearsonVUE certification centers.
PLEASE NOTE: Certification vouchers are worth $200 dollars and will be distributed at the event to attendees who have purchased them with their registration. The voucher must be picked up in person at the event. IDUG reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at anytime.


Hilton Chennai

124, 1, Inner Ring Rd, Poomagal Nagar, Guindy

Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032

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Dear Db2 User Group leaders and extended community

If you manage or are involved  with Db2 User Groups or Db2 for z/OS event planning, IBM are working on our 2020 plans and speaker support.

Please can you add your 2020 Db2 User Group events on the World of Db2 so that we can review your requirements and plan in advance speaker support. In collaboration with IDUG Db2 User Community we will also offer User Groups a complimentary IDUG Conference Pass for you to raffle out at your next User Group evening.

Please feel free to share this with other Db2 User Group leaders

Here are the instructions on how to add your events to the World of Db2


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LAST Db2 for z/OS webcast series in 2019 by John Campbell! REGISTER NOW!

Title: Strategies of Managing Universal Table Spaces (UTS) for Optimal Performance
PART 1. Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

PART 2  REGISTER NOW Wednesday November 13th 2019

Title: Strategies of Managing Universal Table Spaces (UTS) for Optimal Performance


Time 11:00 AM - 12:00PM  EST

Time: 4:00AM - 5:00PM  GMT

John Campbell
John Campbell

John is an IBM Distinguished Engineer reporting to the Director for z/OS Development at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab. He has extensive experience of DB2 in terms of systems, database and applications design. He specializes in design for high performance and data sharing. He is one of IBM's foremost authorities for implementing high end database / transaction processing applications.

Frances Villafuerte
Frances Villafuerte
Senior Software Engineer

Frances is a key senior engineer and technical leader in Db2 for z/OS Development team. She joined Db2 for z/OS development in year 2000 and has been responsible for several critical core functional areas within the product such as Online Schema, Space data Management, Insert Performance improvement, LOBs, XML and Real Time Statistics. She has wide technical knowledge and experiences working with customers. Frances is also a speaker in various of technical conferences.

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When:Sunday, Oct 20, 2019 09:30 to 17:00
Where: IDUG EMEA 2019 - Rotterdam
Price: FREE



Db2 12 for z/OS Migration Planning & Continuous Delivery Workshop focuses on how you can quickly upgrade to Db2 12  and take advantage of Continuous Delivery of new functions and features related with System, zHW, Application Development safely and securely. We will also provide information and overviews of how the success of Db2 for z/OS Version 12 into production can be achieved. It will talk about some key important areas which are essential to the success and what the avoidable pitfalls may be. The workshop will provide  the right information, facts, and guidance for Db2 12 migration strategy. 


  • To help customers that are planning to upgrade to Db2 12 or are already on Db2 12. This workshop will level set right expectations of Db2 12 Migration Planning and will also provide some real customer feedback and advice on how to avoid pitfalls. 
  • To provide  knowledge and IBM Best Practices in areas like Continuous Delivery,  APPLCOMPAT in conjunction with Function Levels, Utilities in general Access Paths and many other areas. and  which are  proven by real customer experiences, 

What you will learn?

Beside the important key migration strategies you will understand  the new world of continues delivery. You also will gain technical overview of new Db2 12 for z/OS functions and features. These will include performance enhancements for traditional workloads,  enhancements for modern workloads, application enablement enhancements, reliability, availability, scalability and security. 

Benefits of Attending the Workshop

  • This workshop will help you understand how to safely migrate your enterprise so you are enabled to reap cost savings and business benefits by upgrading to Db2 12.
  • The guidance and direction captured will help customers gain competitive advantages ensuring effective migration, avoiding pit fails with less risk.
  • You will gain insight about archiving business insight, better performance, and operational efficiency with less cost.

Target Audience

Target audience and experience level: DBAs, Db2 Managers, Db2 System programmers. The experience at the levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced are welcome.

Speaker Bio:

Michael is a IBM senior Software Engineer and Db2 Consulting Specialist based in Germany, working for IBM Db2 z/OS development (Silicon Valley Laboratory). He has over 25+ years of experience working with Db2 z/OS. Before joining IBM in 2001, he worked for large banking IT providers. He is experienced in Db2, IMS and z/OS system programming, client/server, parallel sysplex, Db2 data sharing implementations, subsystem environments like, CICS, IMS and others. Always aiming for high availability and continuous availability setups with focus on performance. He also is a co-author of IBM Db2 Redbooks and White papers and experienced presenter at IDUG and Db2 Technical Conferences in the past. Since 2004 he works as a member of the Db2 z/OS Development SWAT team supporting and advocating customers across various industries and geographies.


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Starting soon Db2 12 Migration Planning webcast - register now. 

Live Q& A with John Campbell - IBM DE. 

Submit your questions and get answers today!

If you can't attend live event don't worry register now to access the replay in your own time 


24th Sept 11:00 AM EST 4:00 PM BST


25th Sept 11:00 AM EST 4:00 PM BST

#db2 #ibmz #scalability #database #availability #cloud #analytics #sql

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IBM is leading the market integrating AI technology into its Enterprise Database. This is a MUST attend webcast! check out how IBM are using Machine Learning Technology and AI to improve Database Performance and generate CPU savings

DATE: 16th April 2019



#ml #datascience #data #Db2z #performance

#bigdata #machine #savings #database #analytics

#ibm #automation #machinelearning #registernow#artificialintelligence

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As the market manager of IBM Db2 for z/OS, I am really excited to share with you all some great news. Today IBM introduces new AI and machine learning capabilities with IBM Db2 AI for z/OS V1.2 - if you are at IBM THINK 2019 please can an visit us to learn more!

Announcement: February 12, 2019
General Availability: March 15, 2019
View the announcement letter

IBM Db2 AI for z/OS, V1.2 helps enhance the operational performance of Db2 for z/OS systems. It empowers the Db2 for z/OS optimizer to determine the best-performing query access paths based on workload characteristics using machine learning capabilities. Version 1.2 delivers:

More Db2 generated machine learning models to help improve Db2 for z/OS performance in the following areas:
–Intelligent SQL concurrency
–Enhanced application performance through sort optimizations
–Exception detection from Db2 statistics with recommended actions
Watson Machine Learning for z/OS as an underlying machine learning service providing a complete solution

Register for Db2 AI for z/OS launch webcast
Title: Out of the Box CPU Savings with Db2 AI for z/OS using Machine Learning Technology
Speakers: Terry Purcell, IBM STSM, & Akiko Hoshikawa, IBM Performance Guru

Check out our website for more information

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Starting at 11 AM EST, 4PM GMT LIVE webcast 29th Jan John Campbell - IBM Distinguished Engineer.

Title: JC's Greatest Hits, War Stories, and Best Practices Part 1

Date: 29th January 2019

Time 11:00 EST  4 PM GMT


Title: JC's Greatest Hits, War Stories, and Best Practices 2019 PART 2

There will be a LIVE Q&A with John Campbell after the presentation


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IBM announces IBM Db2 AI for z/OS

General Availability - September 21, 2018


I'm very excited to let you know that today IBM Announced Db2 AI for z/OS. IBM Db2 AI for z/OS (Db2ZAI) empowers the Db2 for z/OS optimizer to select improved access paths for SQL and improves application performance using machine learning models. This new offering can help:

  • Improve Db2 SQL access path selection
    Enhance Db2 application performance
    Enable rapid model learning specific to the data and configuration per Db2 subsystem

Internal IBM benchmarks show up to 25% performance benefit in terms of reduction in CPU time when machine learning technology integrated with Db2 AI for z/OS was employed for a set of qualifying Db2 queries.

To learn more and register visit:

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Hot off the Press - Db2 for z/OS Continuous Delivery Redbook

by Chris Crone - IBM DE


This IBM® Redpaper™ publication provides key information about continuous delivery in IBM Db2® 12 for z/OS®. It discusses how continuous delivery works and the changes that have been made in Db2 12 to support continuous delivery, such as adding a new catalog table and changing existing catalog tables. Also the paper covers the effects on applications and how to take advantage of new function provided using the continuous delivery model.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Continuous delivery for Db2 12 for z/OS
Chapter 2. Changes in Db2 12 affecting applications and more
Chapter 3. Db2 12 documentation: Information in a new way
Chapter 4. Final thoughts on continuous delivery


Download your copy now

Exploring IBM Db2 for z/OS Continuous Delivery


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Thank you "@DB2_PDUG for recognizing #IBM's sponsorship, great #Db2 User Group growing from strength to strength  over 100+ members on World of Db2 @DB2Awards @GURUDB2 
Great event on 19th March keep sharing your events on World of Db2 and we will help you grow our community!
#Db2 #Db2z #Analytics #ML #Cloud #PDUG #Db2Awards 9524599271?profile=original
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HURRY today is the last chance for you to register our  DOUBLE Webcast Series - Db2 12 Migration Planning and EARLY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. There will be a  with LIVE Q &A session  with John Campbell - IBM Db2 Guru. This is fresh content for 2018 to help you accelerate your Db2 12 Migration.

DB2 12 for z/OS Technical Overview PART 1 & 2 with live Q&A 



PART 2 Register for PART 2

Speaker - John Campbell IBM Distinguished Engineer


DATE: Feb 20th  2018   & Feb 21st 2018


11:00AM  - 12:30PM  (EST)

4:00PM   -   5:30PM GMT



Db2 12 for z/OS has been in market just over 14 months and since then many of our customers have upgraded to the new version and have started to exploit the latest technology. We know many of you are planning your upgrade in 2018. This webcast will share many of the experiences and lessons learnt by the early adopters.

This is PART 1 of a two part webcast . Part 2 will be on 21st February

This webcast will help customers migrate as quickly as possible but safely to Db2 12 the latest version of Db2 for z/OS. This webcast is in two parts spread over 2 days will cover the following:

  • Share lessons learned, surprises, pitfalls
  • Provide hints and tips; address some myths
  • Provide additional planning information
  • Provide usage guidelines and positioning on new enhancements
  • Help customers migrate as fast as possible, but safely.

There will be an opportunity for live Q & A with John Campbell from the IBM Silicon Valley Lab.

This webcast will be available on replay however please ensure you have registered for both parts of the webcast PART 1 and PART 2 so you can access the complete replay.

Register for PART 2


John is an IBM Distinguished Engineer reporting to the Director for z/OS Development at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab. He has extensive experience of DB2 in terms of systems, database and applications design. He specializes in design for high performance and data sharing. He is one of IBM's foremost authorities for implementing high end database / transaction processing applications.

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Why did over 1000 Db2 users downloaded this valuable whitepaper ?

Whitepaper: DB2 12 for z/OS The In-Memory Enterprise Database for Transactions and Analytics

This paper will provide a high-level overview of the major new features of IBM DB2 12 for z/OS from an IT Executive’s perspective, with the emphasis on the underlying business value that the new release can deliver. The author of this paper is Julian Stuhler IBM Gold Consultant.  Julian is a Principal Consultant with Triton Consulting, a UK-based company specialising in the provision of DB2 consultancy, education, software and managed services to clients throughout Europe. He has over 30 years of relational database experience, working for a number of clients within the insurance, telecommunications, banking, financial services and manufacturing sectors.

DB2 12 for z/OS is the latest release of IBM’s flagship database. This paper provides a high-level overview of the major new features from an IT Executive’s perspective, with the emphasis on the underlying business value that DB2 12 can deliver.

  • Customers can expect to see net DB2 CPU savings of up to 8% in their traditional OLTP workloads when compared to DB2 11, and up to 2x or more for modern analytic workloads.

  • DB2 12 contains several major improvements designed to support ever-increasing data and transaction volumes.

Learn More - Download your copy today


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IBM Db2 12 for z/OS Performance Topics

An IBM Redbooks publication

I know many of you have been waiting for this Redbook so the wait is over, this is a very valuable book written by some of the top experts in the industry. Download your copy today and find out how Db2 12 delivers significant business value and helps reduce costs, improves scalability which is critical in today's IT environment when DATA is exploding. Also find out how the improvements in application enablement enable organisations to meet their business objectives around cloud and mobile.


Authors: Akiko Hoshikawa, Bart Steegmans, Cristian Molaro, Kaitlin E. Murray



Db2 12 for IBM z/OS® delivers several significant business values, such as cost reductions, scalability improvement, and improved application enablement for cloud and mobile environment.

Db2 12 also introduces a foundation of continuous delivery. In continuous delivery, new capabilities and enhancements, including performance features, are delivered through function levels without waiting for a new release.

Function levels 100 and 500 activate the initial set of enhancements and capabilities in Db2 12. For migration from Db2 11, most new capabilities become available in Db2 12 only after the activation of function level 500 or higher. In this IBM® Redbooks® publication, we focus on the enhancements that are available in function levels 100 and 500.

Db2 12 for z/OS continues the trend by focusing on further CPU savings and performance improvement through innovations within Db2 and the synergy with IBM System z® hardware and software. While most of CPU reductions in analytical queries are built directly in Db2, other CPU and cost reductions are realized by using more real memory. Enhancements often take effect after the REBIND in the case of static applications, while some enhancements require user actions, such as activating function level, Data Definition Language (DDL) updates, or providing more memory for Db2 to use.

In this book, we describe the performance of Db2 12 for z/OS and the possible performance affects of the most important functions when migrating from Db2 11. We include performance measurements that were made in the Silicon Valley Laboratory and provide considerations and high-level estimates. Results are likely to vary because the conditions and work differ.

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PDUG  -  The Polish DB2 User Group becomes the largest DB2 User Group in EMEA on World of DB2


Many of our members will know the IDUG EMEA conference is taking place in Lisbon this year. This is the conference that we recognize the "best of the best" DB2 User Groups in EMEA @DB2Awards for their contribution to the DB2 User community. 

Registration has just opened for this conference. Check out conference highlights and secure your place with the EARLY BIRD RATES.

The 2017 event offers new educational opportunities and more training than ever before! Attendees will experience:

  • Five days of education sessions
  • Excellent DB2 workshops including DB2 12 Migration, DB2 Analytics Accelerator,  DB2 Cloud and Pre-certifcation workshop for DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW( Exam 600)
  • More than 100 one-hour technical sessions!
  • There will be 3  expert panels on z/OS, LUW & Application Development

  • And a special  "Data Tech Summit"  - more information to come

As a special recognition to PDUG User Group becoming the largest DB2 User Group in EMEA on World of DB2 we are offering 1 complimentary conference pass for this upcoming conference.

If you are an DB2 User Group in EMEA and would like a complimentary conference pass for one of your lucky members please encourage your members to join "The World of DB2" today .

We will be offering one complimentary conference pass for IDUG EMEA 2017 and a VIP table at the 2017 @DB2Awards ceremony the upcoming conference. 


Look forward to meeting you at IDUG EMEA 2017!

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Did you miss the amazing presentation from Ganesh Mahadevan from Chief Architect from Tata Consulting presenting "Flexing New Age Applications with DB2 JSON Capability"


Ganesh Mahadevan is a certified TOGAF 8 Enterprise Architect, leading the Mainframe and AS/400 platforms in Technology Excellence Group in TCS. He joined TCS in 1997 and since then have worked in various dimensions - as a Programmer, Project Leader, Project Manager, Product Expert and Architect.
He has involved in many credit card and store card application maintenance, support and implementation projects. He has lead and implemented all supporting modules such as Loyalty, Promotions, Statements, etc. for a major enterprise in U.K. He has been involved in implementation of Credit card fraud detection systems. He has executed three banks Merger & Acquisitions projects for US based retail bank and VSAM to DB2 Migration project for a leading U.S based retail bank.

He has implemented 1000+ Person Months Legacy convergence project in 8 countries for a leading global insurance company.

He was the pioneer in setting up the first ATM lab at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Chennai. He has guided TCS team during the installation of TCS Mainframe z10 in Siruseri. This is the first z10 implementation by India based System Integrator.

In his current role, he supports many projects across various verticals such as Banking & Financial, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Health Care, Travels, etc. on their next-gen and innovative solution needs on Mainframe and AS/400 platforms.

He is guiding a young team to generate CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social) solutions on Legacy platforms Mainframe and AS/400.

He has been part of various Mainframe related training at TCS and conducted Technology Appreciation programmes for final year students.

If you missed this amazing presentation check the presentation below


App development across digital platform forms the major ecosystem around the legacy applications. Enterprise business data continues to originate and emanate from DB2 on z/OS. Here we focus on latest features of DB2 11 towards securing and processing of JSON workloads. In DB2 12 JSON APIs have enabled to meticulously handle NoSQL data needs empowered by two prong approach of Java driver and SQL extension. DB2 12 also provides a RESTful data as service environment a feature that works with IBM z/OS Connect. Performance optimizers when leveraging native SPs from distributed applications is illustrated.


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Winners of Complimentary IDUG 2017 Conference Pass?

Thank-you for attending IDUG Chennai and Bengaluru events last month,   we would like to "thank-you" for your loyalty and commitment to DB2, this year we had record attendance with over 550 users attending the IDUG India events.

If you were one of the lucky winners for a complimentary conference pass for one of our upcoming conferences please can you email me ASAP so I can send you your Surekha@UK.IBM.COM

Upcoming events

NA Conference.jpg

IDUG NA DB2 Tech Conference
April 30 - May 04, 2017 | Anaheim, California, USA

AU Conference.jpg

IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Melbourne, Australia 12 -14 September 2017

EMEA Conference.jpg

IDUG EMEA DB2 Tech Conference
1 – 5 October, 2017 | Lisbon, Portugal

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