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White paper


This document outlines a conversion path from traditional classic partitioned table spaces to partitioned-by-range universal table spaces (PBR UTS) in DB2 11 for z/OS. The conversion is important because some new functions and features are available only with the UTS table space type.

With the release of DB2 10 for z/OS, IBM announced the traditional table space structures as “deprecated.” It is best to convert traditional classic partitioned table spaces to PBR UTS. It is best to create all new table spaces as PBG or PBR UTS.

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Did you miss Terry Purcell present the  webcast yesterday Title:- "Real Time Analytics Query Performance with DB2 for z/OS" ? Don't worry it is available on replay. Listen to this top preforming webcast anytime, any place using any device. Just Click here to access the recording:

We had nearly 800 registrations so this is another record !.

Also just in case you missed the whitepaper Terry wrote you can download this now Improved_query_performance_in_IBM_DB2_11_for_zOS.pdf


Terry Purcell is a Senior Technical Staff Member with the IBM Silicon Valley Lab, where he is lead designer for the DB2 for z/OS Optimizer. Terry has two decades of experience with DB2 in database administration and application development as a customer, consultant, and DB2 developer.

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IBM DB2 for z/OS in the age of cloud computing

IBM DB2 for z/OS in the age  Of cloud computing

Reliability, availability, security and mobility




• Highly virtualized server that supports mixed workloads

• Self-serving capabilities in private, membership or hybrid cloud environments

• Divisional support of responsibilities

• Customized implementations to suit your business

• Platform foundation services for cloud use cases


Download this paper and learn:-

What is cloud computing, and what is driving this market trend?


What is data as a service, and what are the drivers?


Why DB2 for z/OS?


Click here to download full paper – over 700 downloads of this top preforming asset.

Direct Link to whitepaper without registration DB2%20for%20zOS%20Age%20of%20the%20Cloud%20IMW14820USEN.pdf

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Are you responsible for planning DB2 User Events ?

If you are responsible for planning DB2 User Group events - please add your 2016 dates to our calendar.

Do not worry if you are still working on the agenda and fine details.  

Notify potential  attendees to "SAVE THE DATE"

Each Event that is added we will send you complimentary DB2 books for your event.

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At a Glance #DB2z  Learn More

IBM will make DB2 12 for z/OS available to a select group of clients in a closed Early
Support Program (ESP) on March 4, 2016.

The demands of the mobile economy combined with the explosive growth of data present unique opportunities and challenges for companies wanting to take advantage of their mission-critical resources.

Built on the proven availability,security, and scalability of DB2 11 for z/OS and the IBM z Systems TM platform, DB2 12 gives you the capabilities needed to meet the demands of mobile workloads
and increased mission-critical data. It delivers world-class analytics and online transaction processing (OLTP) performance.

DB2 for z/OS delivers innovations in these key areas:

  • Scalable, low-cost, enterprise OLTP and analytics
  • Easy access, easy scale, and easy application development for the mobile
  • In-memory performance improvements
  • Easy access to your enterprise systems of record

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Thank you to all over the 500+ participants that attended our webcast yesterday with Terry Purcell, ig you missed it don't worry the webcast is available on replay - click here to listen to the replay.


The slides are available under the resources section of the console.

Help us to improve our service by providing suggestions/feedback.

We have a series of events coming up - register to participant

Webcast 2 - DB2 11 Migration Planning & Customer Experiences  - PART 2  June 17th 11am EST – John Campbell

Gain Insight, IMPROVE YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE. with Namik Hrle IBM Fellow, Eberhard Hechler & Martin Dirk Schneider,

Many Thanks Surekha

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IBM launches a new test for DB2 Application Developers. HURRY GET CERTIFIED!

The mobile revolution has arrived!  IT teams are working to increase the productivity of their developers to build enterprise apps faster and more cost effectively than ever before, to ensure that they are multichannel ready, and ready to reap the business benefits of mobile world.

Learn More about the test!

Job Role Description / Target Audience

This certification is intended for the IBM DB2 for z/OS application developers. This is a highly skilled individual responsible for the development of applications that utilize the DB2 product on the z/OS operating system. This individual has significant experience as a designer and developer and has extensive knowledge of DB2 application development constructs, including new features and functionality related to version 11. 

This person is capable of performing intermediate to advanced tasks related to application design and implementation, SQL programming, multi-platform deployment (local and/or multi-tiered applications), performance, testing, troubleshooting, and programming specific to DB2 for z/OS. The IBM Certified DB2 for z/OS Application Developer should also, at a minimum, be aware of, and have some experience with, best practices for interfacing with DB2.

To attain the IBM DB2 for z/OS Application Developer certification, candidates must pass one test. To gain additional knowledge and skills, and prepare for the tests based on the job roles and test objectives, click on the link to the test below and refer to the Test Preparation tab.

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Planning DB2 Education? 5 Complimentary webcasts Available.

This month "World of DB2" is offering 5 complimentary webcasts  and these will all be available on Demand so you can listen to any webcast replay anytime, anyplace  via any device providing you register here "DB2 for z/OS Education Portal"


(PS. We have also made it easier for you so if you have ever registered for one of our webcasts you do not have to register again.)


DB2 11 for z/OS Technical Overview Part 1 with

John Campbell Available on REPLAY NOW

DB2 11 for z/OS Technical Overview Part 2 with

John Campbell Available on Replay now !

DB2 11 in the Age of the Cloud with Maryela Weihrauch - Live

Webcast 20th January,2015 - Register Now

Mobile and business critical analytics collide: Are you prepared?

Live Webcast: January 27, 2015 - Register Now

DB2 11 ! What’s new from the optimizer in DB2 11 for z/OS?

Terry Purcell Available on REPLAY NOW


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Consider direct distributed connections to DB2 and trading up to DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition  by Pallavi Priyadarshini


Top banks, financial services, retail and telecom companies store their mission critical data on  DB2 for z/OS, DB2 LUW and DB2 for i. Distributed workloads accessing DB2 data have proliferated due to the ubiquity of Web and Mobile applications. DB2 Connect provides a portfolio of database drivers offering distributed access to DB2 data through standard interfaces such as JDBC, SQLJ, OLE DB, ADO, ADO.NET, CLI, embedded SQL and scripting Languages such as PhP, Python, Ruby and Perl.

For distributed access to data stored on DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for i, license entitlement to DB2 Connect must be purchased. DB2 Connect is offered in several editions (Enterprise Edition, Application Server Edition, Unlimited Edition). Introduction of Unlimited Edition for both DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for i offers flexibility for direct connections to DB2 servers (without the DB2 Connect Server or Gateway) and transparently handles growth in number of users and applications. More customers anticipate the need for more users accessing DB2 data from Web, Mobile and Cloud anytime, anywhere. DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition license charges are not based on number of users or application servers, rather it is based off the processing capacity of zSeries and iSeries servers. This allows any number of distributed users, applications and workstations to connect. It also allows server side install of DB2 Connect license, instead of replicating the license on potentially hundreds of client workstations or application servers.

We are seeing a pattern whereby the decision to trade up to DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition is taken when customers adopt direct connectivity to DB2 servers (without the DB2 Connect Server or Gateway component). With the advancements in DB2 Connect client drivers around connection management, failover and workload management, more customers are adopting direct distributed connectivity to DB2 instead of going through the DB2 Connect Server or Gateway component. Direct connections to DB2 offers several advantages -

1) Simplification of distributed connectivity by reduction of one layer.
2)  Reduced resource consumption since no resources for DB2 Connect Server machines  (hardware, software) needed. No installation, maintenance, migration of this extra component.
3) Improved availability as point of failure is removed.     

4)  Improved response time of distributed applications (especially OLTP applications) due to elimination of extra hop.
We encourage you to evaluate simplification of DB2 Connect environment by going direct to DB2 (without Gateway) and upgrading to Unlimited Edition. You will not have to worry about growing number of users and applications who become instantly available without any prior notice from different channels such as Web, Mobile and Cloud.

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Fourth Poland DB2 Users Group (PDUG) Tech Conference in Cracow over 70 attendees! 



The Fourth Poland DB2 Users Group Tech Conference, held on September, 15-16, gathered nearly 70 DB2 experts for both platforms: z/OS and LUW from the biggest database installations in Poland. This time the attendees had a chance to visit the IBM Client Center in Cracow (south of Poland), being part of the IBM Poland Software Lab, which hosted the event.

According to the feedback collected, the Conference met with such great interest thanks to its very attractive agenda. IBM Lab specialists (Nigel Slinger, Bart Steegmans, Wang Shu, Wen Jie Zhu, Michał Białecki, Marcin Baster, Jan Nelken), CA Technologies experts (Andy Ward, Tom Juhl), UBS Heiner representative (Leif Diesing) and - what pleases the most – many DB2 users had accepted the invitation to deliver a presentation. Paweł Hryb from PKO Bank Polski S.A., Gerard Kaduczek from Asseco Poland S.A. and Andrzej Jonasz from IBM GTS/ITS shared their everyday work experiences concerning DB2 for z/OS. Due to the dynamic growth of the Linux, Unix, Windows section of PDUG, it is expected that during the next conference organized by the Group one will also find a presentation prepared by a DB2 for LUW users.

Two days of the Fourth PDUG Conference were crammed with 14 technical presentations and -worth a mention- free, one-day DB2 BLU Acceleration Bootcamp on DB2 for LUW track. Among the discussed topics there were the news concerning v11 DB2 for z/OS, Big Data, DB2 storage and DB2  bufferpool issues, as well as DB2 optimization techniques. In DB2 for LUW track the agenda consisted of BLU Acceleration news, performance issues and database diagnostics topics.

Thanks to IBM -the conference partner- the attendees were also offered free DB2 certification. Many of them took the chance and passed the exams collecting another certificate to their professional portfolio.

The IBM Client Center in Cracow proved to be a perfect place for organising PDUG Tech event. The layout of the Center, its functionality and the interior of the venue were conducive to sharing knowledge and experiences among the DB2 specialists, but also to building professional networks and relationships. The warm welcome Poland DB2 Users Group received from the hosts of the Conference makes them want to come back there one day.

After the long and intense day of lectures, the Conference attendees had a chance to unwind in a café-pub “Artefact Café”. This was the opportunity to get to know each other better, to continue the unfinished discussions concerning DB2 and other issues, but also to put one’s dancing skills to test.  It seemed to be another bounding experience for the Polish DB2 community, as well as great fun. Many of the Conference attendees decided to officially join the Poland DB2 Users Group association the following day proving that the Group is still growing.

What is also worth notice, PDUG members continue to publish its own paper magazine “On DB2 Paths” and distribute it among conference attendees. It is also a place for DB2 specialists to share their knowledge and best practices when dealing with DB2. In the second issue of this fanzine, technical articles by Marek Monikowski and Piotr Matusiak (mBank S.A), Jacek Banasiak (Accenture Services) and by Michał Białecki (IBM Silicon Valley Lab)  were intertwined with PDUG-related topics. Cristian Molaro, Chairman IDUG EMEA 2014 Conference Planning Committee also encouraged his Polish peers to attend IDUG conference in Prague.

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DB2 11 Migration Planning Workshop comes to Madrid

Register Now for #DB2 11 Migration Planning Workshop Madrid - complimentary for first 20 attendees ; #IBM #DB211

DB2 10 set the stage to “give back”. DB2 11 does this again with more out of the box performance improvements, greater migration flexibility, many optimization's, administration, and application features.
Versioning of information expands beyond temporal management into archiving of data.
Online schema evolution continues to provide more ways to enhance database designs while maintaining information availability.

The DB2 11 optimizer provides insights into the statistics it needs to make the best decisions.
The DPSI is back with enhanced optimization and parallelism.
The Native SQL Procedures Language keeps getting better. Have you been looking for an array? Look at DB2 11.

DB2 for z/OS SQL, aided by industry leading optimization, continues to push transactional performance and expands native analytical capability with new Group By options and integration with Big Data via Hadoop.
Distributed communications are a blast. Literally. Learn about this new communication protocol.
Do you use external security? It now communicates with DB2.

DB2 11 provides flexible paths to expand RBA / LRSNs, assisting Data Sharing high volume insert processing and eliminating logging restrictions.

What is the Migration Planning Workshop (MPW)?
One-day,comprehensive review of the capabilities, considerations, preparations, and project planning for DB2 11.

This offering enables customers to understand the breadth of features delivered in DB2 for z/OS versions.
The enhanced migration process is explained.

Leave the session with materials that you can use to start your installation / migration immediately, or in the future.
For more information download the DB2 11 Migration Planning Workshop trifold.

Workshop Presenter  Carlos Guardia Rivas IBM Certified IT/Specialist

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Join IDUG EMEA 2014 in Prague at 80% discount!

YES! You heard right - 80% discount!


First-time attendees can benefit from a significant (80%!) discount
when being introduced to the IDUG DB2 Tech Conferences by an
experienced member. Those members can be either loyal attendees

(attended 3 conferences or more), Information Champions or RUG

leaders. More information can be found through

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact

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Why Get IT Certified?

Getting certified is an important step in advancing your career as an IT professional. Certification provides you with a competitive advantage by showing employers that you have the right skill to get the job done. Top technology companies like Best Buy and Sharp Electronics, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense, all require certification of their employees.

Additional benefits of certification:

  • Help IT professionals survive a volatile economy. In the 2009 CertMag Salary Survey, more than 85% of respondents agree that since they've become certified, there is a greater demand for their skills
  • Provides career advancement opportunities. A recent IDC Survey reported that nearly 40% of certified professionals received a promotion within the first year of attaining a primary certification.
  • Increases recognition and respect from managers, peers and customers. 70% of IT professionals surveyed by CertMag report that credentials give them more prestige among their colleagues.

This is why IBM are offering "Complimentary DB2 Certification Classes on Sunday 9th November 2014 at IDUG EMEA in Prague.  Remember there are limited places so register ASAP to secure your place at the workshops.

Workshop 1


Title:  IBM DB2 11 DBA for z/OS & DB2 10.1 Fundamentals Certification Workshop

Room Virgo


TIME  9:15 - 16:00


Exam Preparation

There will be an opportunity to take the following exams at IDUG at NO CHARGE

1.  EXAM 610 Test C2090-610: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals

2. EXAM 312 Test C2090-312: IBM DB2 11 DBA for z/OS

REGISTER NOW  - Amanda to add link

This workshop  is a certification preparation course intended to help you take DB2 10 Family Fundamentals exam (610) and DB2 11 for z/OS Database Administration exam (312). Passing of these exams will result in certification as an IBM Certified Solutions Expert - DB2 11 for  z/OS Database Administration. Participants are expected to have fundamental knowledge of relational principles in addition to applied working knowledge of DB2 10 for z/OS and basic knowledge of DB2 11 features. The class has been designed to optimally prepare the students. It is a lecture only class, his class is NOT a full database administration class, it is a condense one day review, focusing on refreshing and teaching the necessary skills to pass both 610 & 312 exams


The outline is as follows:


Section 1 – DB2 10 Fundamentals

Section 2 – DB2 11 Database administration

The first part of the class will sole focus on the skills needed to passing the family fundamentals exam. We will give an overview of the DB2 products, focusing on strengths an differences of the different members of the DB2 family. Beyond that basic DB2 database administration skills are explained. As connectivity is important to understand, time will be spent on providing an overview of the possibilities.

The second part of the class will focus on the specifics of DB2 11 for z/OS and the skills needed on the exam.

The overall system architecture is explained, covering, amongst others, knowledge of DB2 catalog and directory and Distributed Data and Subsystem Pools. Furthermore we will cover access control including granting, auditing, trusted context etcetera, as well as explain the locking mechanism.

Evidently a part of the class will focus on the new possibilities with regards to DB2 objects (creating, altering and dropping), new possibilities, maintenance options and SQL (basics and enhancements).

Backup and recovery, as well as data sharing, basics and strategies are covered to give an insight and prepare for the certification exam.


Course Teacher  Kurt Struyf : IBM DB2 for z/OS

Kurt Struyf has well over fifteen years’ experience as a (system) DBA and have been installing, migrating, troubleshooting and tuning DB2 systems throughout Europe. Besides his consultancy missions he has been teaching a broad spectrum of DB2 classes, both in Europe and the USA. Kurt has been a speaker at several large European and North America conferences, such as IDUG, IOD and at numerous DB2 regional user groups in Europe and is a IBM information Champion since 2010, IBM Gold consultant since 2014 and as part of the IDUG content committee responsible for DB2 for z/OS content.

Workshop 2 :


DB2 10.1 DBA for LUW & IBM DB2 10.5 DBA for LUW upgrade from DB2 10.1


Room Taurus


TIME  9:15 - 16:00



Exam Preparation

(There will be an opportunity to take the following exams at IDUG at NO CHARGE)

Exam 611- Test C2090-611: DB2 10.1 DBA for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Exam 311 Test C2090-311: IBM DB2 10.5 DBA for LUW Upgrade from DB2 10.1


REGISTER NOW  - Amanda to add link

This workshop is designed to introduce the student to the concepts a test candidate must know in order to take and pass the DBA Verision 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows certification exam (Exam 611). The material for this course is aligned with the 611 exam objectives. This session offers an intense, overall review of those areas that will be on the certification exams and is a lecture-only class with no labs. Participants are expected to have fundamental knowledge of relational principles in addition to applied working knowledge of DB2 10.1 features. The upgrade certificate to DB2 10.5, test number 311 will also be covered during this class.


If you are knowledgeable with DB2 10.1 and are capable of performing the intermediate to advanced skills required in the day-to-day administration of DB2 instances and databases, you may benefit from this certification role. 


The outline is as follows:

Introduction on Exam Preparation.

Section 1 – Database design.

Section 2 – Data Partitioning and Clustering.

Section 3 – High Availability and Diagnostics.

Section 4 – Performance and Scalability.

Section 5 – Advanced concepts


Course Teacher Guy Przytula : DB2 for LUW

Guy Przytula has more than 30 years’ experience with DB2. He worked for IBM as hardware engineer and later in the software support center and software services department. He is a leading expert on DB2 for VM/VSE (SQL/DS) and DB2 for LUW, with which he started when it was still called common server. He teaches many courses related to DB2 LUW and Infosphere Information Server. The past decade he also worked with Oracle, SQL/server and DB2 on z/Linux.





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REGISTER NOW and Get DB2 Certified !  The premier European DB2 Conference will take place on November 9-14, 2014 at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. This is the ONLY conference in EMEA where you can get CERTIFIED for FREE.  

IBM have once again sponsored the certifications testing at IDUG EMEA 2014.   Register Now and accelerate your career

Test Number Test Title Time Allotted Number of Questions Required Passing Score
C2090-310 IBM PureData System for Transactions - Administration 90 58 57
C2090-311 IBM DB2 10.5 DBA for LUW Upgrade from DB2 10.1 60 30 60
C2090-312 IBM DB2 11 DBA for z/OS 90 67 59
C2090-317 DB2 11 System Administrator for z/OS 90 58 65
C2090-541 DB2 9.7 DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows 90 60 61
C2090-543 DB2 9.7 Application Development 90 60 60
C2090-544 DB2 9.7 Advanced DBA for LUW 90 53 62
C2090-545 DB2 9.7 SQL Procedure Developer 90 60 60
C2090-546 DB2 9.7 Database Administrator for Linux UNIX or Windows Upgrade 90 39 55
C2090-610 DB2 10.1 Fundamentals 90 69 66
C2090-611 DB2 10.1 DBA for Linux, UNIX and Windows 90 59 61
C2090-612 DB2 10 DBA for z/OS 90 67 60
C2090-614 DB2 10.1 Advanced DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows 90 54 60
C2090-617 DB2 10 System Administrator for z/O S 90 63 60
C2090-730 DB2 9 Family Fundamentals 90 64 59
C2090-735 DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer 90 60 69
C2090-737 DB2 9 System Administrator for z/OS Exam 90 60 62
Dynamic Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
C2090-719 InfoSphere Warehouse V9.5 90 60 65
C2090-552 IBM InfoSphere Optim for Distributed Systems Fundamentals 90 65 75
Optim and Guardium
C2090-461 IBM InfoSphere Optim for Distributed Systems v9.1 60 34 61
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May 20th LIVE WEBCAST! Big data drives “big agriculture” at John Deere with IBM DB2 for z/OS   


Register now:



· Exploiting big data opportunities from telematics data

· Reducing CPU and enhancing performance

· Planning for and designing DB2 applications


· Surekha Parekh, Worldwide Program Director, DB2 for z/OS

· Bryan Paulsen, Technology Architect, John Deere

Broadcast date:

May 20, 2014, 11:00 a.m. EDT / 3:00 p.m. GMT / 4:00 p.m. BST

Developed for:

IT and enterprise architects and managers; application developers and managers; database administrators and managers; system analysts

Technical level:

Intermediate – advanced

Big data impacts every industry from finance markets to agriculture and beyond. John Deere, one world’s largest suppliers of agricultural machinery and supplies, gathers telematics data from sensors on its machinery while in use in the field. The sheer volume and velocity of this data caused John Deere to redesign one of the applications that manages this information in order to meet business and scalability demands.

Join us for this complimentary webcast as we explore big data from an agricultural perspective. You’ll learn how the John Deere application addressed the challenges of big data using IBM® DB2® for z/OS® within its solution. The session also covers some of the key capabilities of DB2 for z/OS used in the solution such as page size, clustering, partitioning, sequence objects and APPEND. Attendees will also experience John Deere’s application suite of products through two short videos.

Join us after the webcast for a live question-and-answer session. This webcast will also be available for replay after the event.

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DB2 for Linux, Windows & UNIX


Olivier Bernin - DB2 Development Manager Dublin

DB2 BLU Acceleration: A primer for sysadmin and DBAs Olivier Bernin - DB2 Development Manager Dublin


Cris Molaro   DB2 Gold Consultant

DB2 LUW HADR and pureScale demystified Cris Molaro DB2 Gold Consultant


Roy Cecil - Performance Engineer DB2 Software Development
Time Breakdowns : A novel way to analyse Performance problems Roy Cecil - Performance Engineer DB2 Software Development Dublin


Dualta Ó Briain   DB2 Software Development

A description of how to enable and use JSON in DB2 as part of the BIG Data Dualta Ó Briain DB2 Software Development


Roy Cecil - Performance Engineer DB2 Software Development

Extend your DB2 pureScale® cluster to another city- Geographically Dispersed pureScale® Cluster


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