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DB2 10 for z/OS Beta Announcement

IBM Announces DB2 10 for z/OS Beta Today !

Announcement Letter

DB2 10 for z/OS Beta - Cut cost and improve performance !

DB2 for z/OS is the undisputed leader in total system availability, scalability, security and reliability.

In today's business and economic environment, the challenge for IT is clear: improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and adapt quickly to support business growth -- all without sacrificing the resiliency required for today's demanding business requirements. DB2 for z/OS is the undisputed leader in total system availability, scalability, security, and reliability at the lowest cost per transaction. DB2 10 builds on the formidable capabilities of DB2 9 for z/OS and continues to set the standard, delivering key innovations and resource savings, including:

Out-of-the-box Savings by improving operational efficiencies
IBM continues to invest in new features to support your efforts to make your business more efficient, and DB2 10 delivers great value in this area. Compared to previous DB2 versions, some customers can achieve a 5% to 10% out-of-the-box CPU savings for traditional workloads and up to 20% out-of-the-box CPU savings for non-traditional workloads. Productivity improvements in DB2 10 for database and system administrators can drive additional operational efficiencies and cost savings. Synergy with other IBM System z platform components reduces CPU use by leveraging the latest processor improvements, larger amounts of memory, solid-state disk and z/OS enhancements.

Unsurpassed DB2 for z/OS and System z Resiliency for business critical information
Business resiliency is a key component of the value proposition of DB2 for z/OS and the System z platform, supporting your efforts to keep your business running even when things go wrong or you need to make changes. DB2 10 innovations drive new value in resiliency through scalability improvements and fewer outages - planned or unplanned. Scalability delivers the ability to handle up to 20,000 concurrent active users on a single DB2 subsystem, many more than in previous versions. Schema evolution or data definition on demand as well as query performance manageability enhancements support improved availability.
Rapid Application and Warehouse Deployment for business growth
Staying competitive in today's global economy is tougher than ever, requiring agility, adaptability and responsiveness. SQL and pureXML enhancements in DB2 10 help extend usability, improve performance and ease application portability to DB2 for z/OS, supporting your efforts to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Enhanced query and reporting facilities
Query Management Facility (QMF) 10 allows you to do more with your existing QMF investment than ever before. Built-in data visualizations and graphical page-based reports extend QMF usage from the traditional technical user to a broader community of business end users. QMF's new metadata layer simplifies the underlying data model, empowering non-technical users with self-service reporting and extends access to DB2 for z/OS across the enterprise, helping to further increase the return on your investment.

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Business Benefits of DB2 9 for z/OS Managing Mission Critical Databases Cost Effectively Protecting the Database - IBM offers security improvements in DB2 version 9 and beyond Client-focused Innovation -The System z server continues to evolve to meet emerging IT needs
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100% on line. The three class certificate will train students to become z/OS DB2 application programmers. · Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems 2/15/10-5/14/10 · DB2 Fundamentals 9/13/10- 11/19/10 · DB2 Application Programming 11/29/10- 2/18/11 The z/OS DB2 Application Programming Certificate provides an Introduction to System z™ and DB2 application programming. This three class sequence introduces the student to System z™, z/OS terminology and concepts, and provides an overview of the DB2 relational database system. The DB2 fundamentals class addresses DB2 data structures, data integrity, key DB2 system objects, components and their relationship to z/OS. The DB2 application programming class focuses on programming techniques for writing DB2 applications. Special introductory pricing for the Spring: $2000.00 If you are interested in enrolling in any of these programs - More Information
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NEW DB2 9 for z/OS: Configuring SSL for Secure Client-Server Communications A draft IBM Redpaper publication This IBM® Redpaper™ provides information about how to setup and configure DB2® 9 for z/OS® with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using the z/OS V1R10 Communications Server: IP Application Transparent -Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS) services. This paper also covers the basic configuration steps for configuring SSL support for non-Java DB2 clients and IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ type 4 connectivity clients to access a DB2 9 for z/OS server. The intended audience for this paper includes network and security administrators and database administrators who want to setup and configure SSL support for DB2 9 for z/OS. This paper discusses the following topics: - Overview of SSL and IP AT-TLS - Configuring DB2 9 for z/OS server with SSL support - Configuring DB2 9 for z/OS requester with SSL support - Configuring Java applications using IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ to use SSL - Configuring non-Java DB2 clients for Linux, UNIX, and Windows to use SSL - Configuring remote client applications to use SSL via a DB2 Connect server for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Download Now
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Today’s businesses generate more data than ever. At the same time, they must make sense of it faster than ever—turning information into insight. This data growth makes it increasingly difficult for business users to find the right information within an overwhelming information database. Currently, business-intelligence (BI) solutions consist of variations on a basic implementation of dedicated servers and storage that result in a siloed data store separate from operational systems. Parallel query processing and advanced storage-subsystem technologies, together with optimized database-management systems, significantly improved the speed by which data can be accessed and evaluated. However, physical limits with traditional approaches call for more radical steps to satisfy tomorrow’s business requirements..... Full article
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As threats and vulnerabilities emerge, companies must continually review how their data is protected. Database security solutions rapidly evolve to respond to attacks; it’s important to understand new security technologies and ensure data is safe. For example, SQL injection attacks, which utilize dynamic SQL, have replaced cross-site scripting as the predominant type of Web-application vulnerability. The IBM X-Force research and development teams study and monitor the latest threat trends. They produce a trend and risk report twice a year, and the latest study found the use of SQL injection as a database attack jumped 134 full article
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ARMONK, N.Y. - 19 Nov 2009: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced 10 new software products to help companies lower application management costs by optimizing the System z mainframe for more workloads, such as data analytics, collaborative application development, application maintenance and other key business processes. Given System z's ability to reduce costs through server consolidation, IBM and the industry have aggressively extended the breadth of new workloads for the mainframe via 3,800 z/OS-based and 3,000 Linux-based applications. The unique ability of the mainframe to host many application services on one system has helped System z achieve one of the industry's lowest application costs per user. Minimal application costs are important for companies which rely on multiple applications to run their business. The new products span IBM's software portfolio to provide a range of benefits for System z customers. The benefits include optimal application connectivity, productivity, security and data management. Read More Another Press Release
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