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Hey John,

I consider myself lucky for the time spent together. It all started when we first met in SVL (STL in those days). You were on an assignment in Performance if I remember correctly, I was 'the customer in B350 :-)'.

After that came the occassion where we worked together on Db2 healthchecks, etc. Was is Sweden or Denmark where we had to settle for a dinner at McDonalds because all else was closed. In the same region, the acronym SBS got a whole new meaning for me. If you don't remember, ping me.

The most valuable lesson I learned from you was while working together on a real life PIT recovery of a whole Db2 production environment. Will never forget it. 

And finally the great discussions we had during the many zBLC face-to-face meetings.

John, I owe you a lot.... Thanks for everything 



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