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Unraveling the Mysteries of Insert Algorithm 2

Get some valuable insights on the uses and benefits of insert algorithm 2, including how-to information for monitoring and troubleshooting this performance feature.

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Enhancements to Insert Algorithm 2

Db2 for z/OS APAR PH02052 provides some significant enhancements to Insert Algorithm 2, which was introduced in Db2z 12 to provide faster INSERT throughput for unclustered INSERTs on universal table space objects that use the MEMBER CLUSTER option.

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Announcing Db2 12 function level 504

We're proud to announce Db2 12 function level 504!

Function level 504 (activation enabled by APAR PH07672) introduces the following new capabilities in Db2 12 for…


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Video: Introduction to Db2 Utilities for z/OS

Got millennials?

It can be challenging to train a new generation of Db2 for z/OS users whose model of learning no longer includes days of reading long “manuals.” But they have energy, enthusiasm and lots of new ideas that you want to foster. Why not try teaching them with short videos?

Check out this Db2 Utilities video, specifically aimed at orienting someone who is new to Db2 for z/OS and knows little or nothing about Db2 Utilities.…


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Want to help inform and shape the future of Db2 and Db2 tools?

Are you a user of systems…

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Announced today -- Innovations in IBM Db2 AI for z/OS! Learn More!

As the market manager of IBM Db2 for z/OS, I am really excited to share with you all some great news. Today IBM introduces new AI and machine learning capabilities with IBM Db2 AI for z/OS V1.2 - if you are at IBM THINK 2019 please can an visit us to learn more!…


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How to increase the DSSIZE of partition in PBG and PBR

Hello Everyone,

Please can somebody tell me the correct procedure to do this activity like how to increase the DSSIZE of specific partitions for UTS objects without any data loss. 

I would appreciate your quick responses.


Vinaykumar Kanathala

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Starting at 11 AM EST, 4PM GMT LIVE webcast 29th Jan with John Campbell

Starting at 11 AM EST, 4PM GMT LIVE webcast 29th Jan John Campbell - IBM Distinguished Engineer.

Title: JC's Greatest Hits, War Stories, and Best Practices Part 1

Date: 29th January 2019…


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A reminder to convert pagesets for Db2 for z/OS objects to the 10-byte extended RBA and LRSN format

Db2 for z/OS APAR PH02437 introduces the new DSNB233I message in Db2 12 and Db2 11. The new message reminds you to convert pagesets to the extended 10-byte RBA or LRSN format, to avoid outages that might occur if Db2 reaches the 6-byte logging limit.…


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Db2 for z/OS JSON SQL APIs and Native REST Services

In the recent customers’ conference calls, a lot of customers are confused about Db2 for z/OS JSON capability and Native REST services. They think they are the same thing. In fact, they are completely different. In the following article, I will describe the difference and share the questions I have been asked many times. A node.js application is included as example to invoke a Db2 native REST service.…


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Read how Banco do Brasil migrated to IBM Db2 Utilities

Banco do Brasil, one of the largest worldwide Db2 sites, migrated to using IBM Db2 Utilities. This article was first presented at the IBM THINK 2018 Conference and is now published in the IBM Systems Magazine, online now.



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IBM Announces Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS - General Availability - November 23, 2018

IBM Announces Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS

General Availability: November 23, 2018

IBM Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS helps you deliver Db2 applications to market faster with lower costs and less risk:

  • Lines of Business…

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The new SQL Reference for Cross-Platform Development is here!

Version 6 of the…


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XIII PDUG Wrocław Conference. Summary

On  20-21 September took place the XIII Conference of the Polish DB2 User Group. The meeting place was the Scandic hotel in Wroclaw. We would like to thank all the guests for participation in the conference - speakers for technical presentations and our sponsor UBS for their support! Over 96 participants came to Wrocław! We also thank IBM for funding the voucher for the upcoming IDUG conference to be held in Malta in November. The voucher covers the costs of registration at IDUG Malta…


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IBM Db2 AI for z/OS and Db2 12 function level 503 available now!


For more about IBM Db2 AI for z/OS and Db2 12 function level 503, check out the blog posts:


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IBM announces IBM Db2 AI for z/OS TODAY! General Availability - September 21, 2018

IBM announces IBM Db2 AI for z/OS

General Availability - September 21, 2018

I'm very excited to let you know that today IBM Announced Db2 AI for z/OS. IBM Db2 AI for z/OS (Db2ZAI) empowers the Db2 for z/OS optimizer to select improved access paths for SQL and improves application…


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Db2 for z/OS monitoring: Evaluating deadlock and timeout events on the Enhanced 3270 UI

New features are being continuously added to the OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert Enhanced 3270 User Interface.  A continued investment in the 3270 UI demonstrates a commitment to synergy and integration with the entire OMEGAMON family of products. This blog describes the latest feature introduced through the version 5.4.0 service stream.


Deadlocks and timeouts are a fairly routine occurrence in Db2 as applications…


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Enhanced SQL MERGE—a Db2 12 greatest hit with John Campbell

Back in Version 9, Db2 for z/OS introduced minimal support for MERGE statementst, only providing an upsert capability with limited functionality. Db2 12 for z/OS enhances MERGE statements to be consistent with the SQL 2016 Core standard, as…


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Db2 for z/OS Master Classes

The first Db2 for z/OS Master Class to be hosted by IBM Europe was recently held at IBM Hursley. The next invitation-only session at IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory is already full, but future session are planned.  For the full story, see Db2 for z/OS Master Classes.

Always get the latest news about  Db2 for z/OS from the IBM lab!…


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Register for IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference 2018 - Join IDUG's 30th Anniversary Celebrations

Register Now for IDUG Malta 2018 Early Bird Discount Available

and join IDUG's 30th Anniversary celebrations !

#Db2 #Analytics #Cloud #ML #DataScience #Db2z #IDUGDb2 #IDUG30 …


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z/OS DB2 V11 to V12 and CICS?

Started by Tom Burkholder in What's hot ? on Friday. 0 Replies

Hello DB2 users...I apologize in advance if this is not the place to post this question; however, I thought I would sign up and give it a try.  My background is with systems support and middleware (z/OS, MQ, WebSphere, distributed DB2 jdbc configs)…Continue

Db2 LUW 11.1 - GET_LINE procedure - NO_DATA_FOUND exception SQLSTATE

Started by Gagan Kakkar in Application Development and DB2. Last reply by Douglas J. Partch, Jr. Jan 6. 1 Reply

Hi there,I am testing this stored procedure using Db2 11.1 on Windows 10 64-bit.Informational tokens are "DB2 v11.1.4050.859", "s1911120100","DYN1911120100WIN64", and Fix Pack "5".For NO_DATA_FOUND exception I am getting SQLSTATE = 'ORANF' but in…Continue

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