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Assume the following scenario:

  1. Application delivers files as LOAD input for a partitioned table space which contains already data. The files have a naming convention, e.g. name.IN01, …IN02 etc., which means records from file IN01 go into partition 01 etc. Unfortunately, some records are not assignable by the application, so there is an extra file named IN99 with…

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AUTOBIND - Demystified - 2


AUTOBIND is a very useful automation instrument inside the Db2 engine.

Recently there are 2 enhancements in this area. For the first enhancement refer to my blog post.

The second enhancement is described in this blog post and was introduced by…


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Db2 for z/OS support of z15 and z/OS 2.4


Is maintenance needed in Db2 for z/OS (V11 or V12) for a migration to

- the current hardware z15

- or the current operating system z/OS 2.4 ?

As of today there are no APARs/PTFs needed to tolerate such a migration.


The following…


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Db2 and JCL 72 characters


Sometimes it is useful to generate JCL executable code for //SYSIN via SQL mass operations, e.g. change specific tables from one option to another. If the result row fits into one JCL line with a length of 72, then all is fine. If the line must be split, then the question comes up: How to split?

Here is a solution for commands (like REBIND PACKAGE), SQL (like ALTER TRIGGER) or…


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AUTOBIND – Demystified – 1


AUTOBIND is a very useful automation instrument inside the Db2 engine.

Suppose you change the definition of the table or index and these changes have impact on the dependent package, the static SQL package is marked as invalid,…


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APPLCOMPAT and Advanced Triggers

If you think you know all about APPLCOMPAT, then please read this!


Advanced triggers introduced in V12 allow SQL PL statements and this opens “SQL only applications” to triggers. There is reduced need to call a stored procedure,…


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Group Buffer Pool - Changes by PH13045

Level setting:

A Db2 group buffer pool (GBP) consist of two parts:

1) Directory entries

2) Data entries

For each data entry there must be an associated directory entry in the GBP.

A directory entry can exist without a data entry in the…


Added by Peter Hartmann on July 30, 2019 at 12:27 — 2 Comments

Function level V12R1M504 and e.g. archive tables


With APPLCOMPAT V12R1M504 on e.g. SPUFI or DSNTEP2, one can no longer create segmented or classic partitioned table spaces. See knowledge center for this restriction.

A small marginalia is behind this restriction, if this is combined with another…


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RUNSTATS sampling enhancements


One of the major challenges for RUNSTATS is the sampling of the data rows e.g. for calculation of the COLCARD value in SYSIBM.SYSCOLSTATS and SYSIBM.SYSCOLUMNS.

The challenge is to balance the CPU resources used by RUNSTATS to calculate column cardinalities with high accuracy…


Added by Peter Hartmann on July 17, 2019 at 10:38 — 1 Comment

Retrieval of current DSNZPARM and DSNHDECP settings


With DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS a new system supplied stored procedure SYSPROC.ADMIN_INFO_SYSPARM was delivered. As the name suggests, this routine can be called to obtain the current settings of the Db2 subsystem parameters (DSNZPARM) and the…


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Asynchronous cross-invalidation (XI) for coupling facility (CF) cache structures, e.g. Db2 for z/OS group buffer pools (GBP)

Description of the new feature:

When Db2 in a data sharing environment writes a changed page to the GBP the same page in the buffer pool(s) of the other member(s) must be invalidated to avoid back level data access in this/these member(s). This invalidation is done by the cross invalidation (XI) feature which is a key functionality of data sharing and controlled by coupling facility…


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Introducing IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Started by Calene Janacek in Application Development and DB2 Jul 30. 0 Replies

We are excited to announce that the first iteration of IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension is available now as a free downloadable extension in the…Continue

QMF Governor

Started by Maitena Gallastegi Ginea in Application Development and DB2. Last reply by Maitena Gallastegi Ginea Jul 30. 4 Replies

Hi,We are using QMF Governor to limit the QMF queries of users.We have configured correctly and it is working OK. We want to get statistics of those queries canceled by QMF Governor but we are not able to discover where that information is stored.…Continue

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