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Db2 Application Performance post 1

So, how can calls to the Db2 data server be reduced? There are a lot of things that can be done in this regard, and this is the single most important thing that an application developer can do to improve performance. You see, when a DBA sees an application with excessive “in Db2” times, they can investigate individual SQL statements that the application executes. If they see a few SQL statements using a lot of resources it can be an easy fix without application changes, such as adding an index or running statistics. However, if what they see is a whole lot of inexpensive statements executing then there is little a DBA can do to fix the issue. In this case it’s all on the application developer to reduce the number of calls.
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By Mark Gillis

In his new blog, Mark Gillis explores how to modify queries on the fly using Jupyter Notebook, widgets and interactive SQL.  


OK, fair enough, that does sound a bit specialised and will maybe put some people off. Nothing like a good blast of technobabble to send us scurrying to the coffee machine.

What this is getting at is the ability to modify queries on the fly. It’s one of the reasons I’m quite taken with Jupyter Notebooks; the ability to provide some SQL and to run it, take a look at the result set and then tweak the original SQL and re-run it until you get the output you want.

Read the blog, Jupyter Notebooks, Widgets and Interactive SQL in full. 




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Announcing hands-on tutorials for the IBM data fabric use cases

Do you wonder how you can reap the benefits of the IBM data fabric? Are you curious about how a data fabric approach resolves typical data analysis challenges? We’ve got you covered! You can get hands-on experience with the IBM data fabric by completing a series of tutorials. These new tutorials provide step-by-step instructions, helpful videos, and sample projects and assets for key data fabric use cases.


The data fabric tutorials guide you through a scenario for a fictitious mortgage lender named Golden Bank. Golden Bank implements a data fabric to produce the best results from their data. The integrated data assets and services in the tutorials provide the following benefits:

The data fabric tutorials are beginner level with no-code or low-code requirements. They can be completed in any order. You can complete all of them or just those that interest you. Set aside a few hours to gain hands-on experience with the powerful IBM data fabric tools!

Choose Learn by example on the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service home page to select a data fabric tutorial.



You can sign up for a data fabric trial to work with the use cases for free on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service. For instructions on how to sign up for the data fabric trials and auto-provision the required services, see Signing up for the data fabric trials. New users need to create an IBM Cloud account. Existing IBM Cloud account holders can log in with their IBMid.

For more information about the IBM data fabric approach, see 


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The North America Db2 for z/OS Master Class is fast approaching and is scheduled for Monday, September 19, 2022, to Friday September 23, 2022, at the IBM Db2 Silicon Valley Lab. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for a week-long in-person interactive technical learning experienced conducted by the IBM Db2 for z/OS SWAT Team. The course will focus on exploiting the full power of Db2 for z/OS and IBM mainframes, proven best practices, and will share worldwide real customer experiences including the best ways in conquering prevalent challenges. The Db2 SWAT Team will discuss the most common issues related to continuous availability, speed of recovery in Db2 for z/OS environments and provide a deep dive on how to monitor and tune Db2 for z/OS system and transactions for efficient performance. The technical information that will be shared in the course will provide valuable best practices that attendees can implement at their site to help provide the most optimal Db2 experience.

The small class size intimate environment and learning experience will allow attendees to have full access and personal mentoring from the Db2 for z/OS development SWAT Team. In addition, various Db2 developers and management will participate and interact during the week-long course. Attendees will be able to network and develop relationships with other Db2 Master Class participants.

Customer Quote             

“I have been a Db2 DBA for about 20 years, some of the information was absolutely amazing and an absolute eye opener. It was a wonderful experience (although intense :)) and I have learned so much from the massive list of ideas. Having access and interacting with Db2 for z/OS development and management as well as networking with other customers was such a wonderful positive experience.”  

John Campbell Quote 

“I have always wanted to have the Db2 Master Class to be the best Db2 class a customer can attend. Take advantage of this deep learning experience to help run your Db2 installation more efficiently and to achieve higher level of availability.”

For additional information and registration details please see the following blog:



Anthony Ciabattoni, IBM Db2 for z/OS Development SWAT Team

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July / August IDUG President's Letter

Hello again to our IDUG members all over the world! Were you with us for the 2022 IDUG North America Db2 Tech Conference last month? If so, thank you so much! Our first-ever hybrid event was a great success. We beat our target for on-site participants. We beat our target for online participants. Thank you so much to the North America Conference Planning Committee for an amazing week!

We have received great feedback regarding the NA22 grid that featured 100+ breakout technical sessions and 11 Vendor-Sponsored Presentations. When you also provide keynote addresses by IBM, Broadcom and IDUG’s Women In Technology and two z/OS and LUW Spotlight Sessions, it was an action-packed and engaging week of valuable content. Thank you to all IDUG speakers! For a review of all the professional development offerings in Boston, click here and look under the All Sessions tab. 

This conference would not have been possible without the steadfast support of our sponsors and exhibitors. What a wonderful thing it was for us to be able to visit with all of our partners in an actual Expo Hall for the first time since 2019! 

As will be the case in Edinburgh this fall, about 1/3 of the educational sessions were available for our virtual attendees. Participants in Boston also had opportunities all week that included Hands-On Labs, Workshops, z/OS Certification and LUW Badging.         

Our attendees in Boston also included first-ever participants at the week-long Db2 Fundamentals Tracks (for z/OS and LUW) and the one-day IBM Developer Day. We thank you for being with us again! Our North America host city Boston did not disappoint—we know our EMEA location in beautiful Edinburgh will also provide incredible experiences and memories!

So, I have just one quick item for you to consider to bolster your career development and to enhance your effective utilization of Db2 in 2022 and beyond:   

Register NOW for the 2022 IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 22-26! In North America, we had IDUG members from 39 states and provinces and from 27 countries. EMEA22 is a hybrid event, so we look forward for another great global audience.  

IDUG is honored to strengthen everyone in this community by providing the highest quality education and services for Db2. We appreciate your support! Until next time—wherever you may be reading this—stay healthy and stay safe.



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Hey John,

I consider myself lucky for the time spent together. It all started when we first met in SVL (STL in those days). You were on an assignment in Performance if I remember correctly, I was 'the customer in B350 :-)'.

After that came the occassion where we worked together on Db2 healthchecks, etc. Was is Sweden or Denmark where we had to settle for a dinner at McDonalds because all else was closed. In the same region, the acronym SBS got a whole new meaning for me. If you don't remember, ping me.

The most valuable lesson I learned from you was while working together on a real life PIT recovery of a whole Db2 production environment. Will never forget it. 

And finally the great discussions we had during the many zBLC face-to-face meetings.

John, I owe you a lot.... Thanks for everything 



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Congratulations to John Campbell, Db2 for z/OS DE, on his Retirement! Living Db2 Legend!

John Campbell IBM DE for Db2 for z/OS will be retiring from IBM on the 5th of August 2022 after four decades working on IBM Db2 for z/OS. He has been the face of “World of Db2” for decades and I know he will be greatly missed by all of us. 

John started working on Db2 for z/OS Version 1 in the 80's, here is a brief summary of John's career with Db2 for z/OS.  John has worked with many, many Db2 customers, business partners and IBMers over the decades, this is an opportunity for everyone to say goodbye to John before he leaves IBM.

John is a living legend of the Db2 community, especially a familiar face at conferences, World of Db2, IBM and IDUG Events, supported Db2 for z/OS books, Redbooks, whitepapers etc. He will greatly be missed at events, conferences, panels etc 

John has attended and presented at nearly 60 IDUG conferences in North America, EMEA, Australia, South America and India.  He has been voted regularly as the “Top 10 Speaker" on majority of these conferences and been voted “Best "Presenter” at least 3 times and entered the IDUG Speaker Hall of Fame. He has presented many, many Db2 for z/OS webcasts over his career, I have personally worked with John for the past ten years and his webcasts have always achieved up to 1000+ registrations and which is a record for webcasts. 

He has also supported many, many Db2 regional User Groups all over the world.

I know John really wanted an opportunity to meet many of his customers, partners and Db2 family before his retirement and say "goodbye". However, with "Covid Pandemic” it does not look like it is possible, so we have arranged a virtual party.

Check out some of the highlights and memories of the last four decades Click Here

If you have any photos that you would like please upload to this community. Please send your wishes and memories, I will try and print and share in his retirement card. 


John started working on Db2 in the 80's as started his career as IBM Systems Engineer. - here is a brief backgrpound of JC's career. JC's words 

  • Technical branch system engineer helping the early customers migrate and exploit Db2 V1R1 thru Db2 V2R3. Helped design and implement major operational and decision support systems.
  • Top system engineer in his IBM System Engineering School.
  • Lead subject matter expert for Db2 in IBM UK Country Technical Support. Major contributor to IBM Redbook projects, and UK and Intentional Conference.
  • Assignment to Db2 Lab in San Jose working as a performance analyst for Db2 V3 and V4. Technical leader in Performance Team for the design and development of Data Sharing and Type 2 Index Manager.
  • Appointed IBM Distinguished Engineer and entry to the IBM Academy of Technology in 2003.
  • Several major IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards including for data sharing.
  • Technical leader of the Db2 Worldwide SWAT Team since 1999.
  • Voted best speaker at multiple major IDUG Conferences around the world, and member of the IDUG Speaker Hall of fame.
  • I hope I will be remembered for my deep technical knowledge, my enthusiasm, customer handling skills, inspiring others, and being generous with my knowledge and time in helping colleagues and customers. Most importantly as the voice of the customer and the voice of reason within Db2 Development.


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Join the IBM team at the IDUG North America 2022 Db2 Tech Conference in Boston on Monday July 11th for a complimentary, action-packed day created by developers, for developers. You'll have the opportunity to learn about Db2's app development and experience hands-on Db2. 


Date: Monday, July 11th 

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

Where: In person only, Sheraton Boston 39 Dalton Street, The Fens - 5th Floor
Boston Massachusetts


During this time, you'll learn:

  • Training on Db2 platform
  • How to build and deploy a music recognition iOS app with Db2 Warehouse
  • How to build a movie recommendation engine with Db2 ML
  • And much more!


10:00am: Why Db2
10:15am: How to download, set up, and install Db2
10:45am: Db2 Architecture Overview
11:15am: Building and deploying a music recognition iOS app with Db2 Warehouse
1:00pm: Building a move recommendation engine with Db2 ML

We are looking forward to a wicked awesome time at the IDUG NA22 in Boston, so sign up today to join us!
If you have any questions regarding this course, please email Donna Milano

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By Vassil Dimov, Sowmya Kameswaran and Eirini Kalogeiton

IBM Db2 for z/OS Date Gate 2.1 introduces a new major feature — Query Acceleration.

Why is this big news and what does it mean? For those familiar with IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA), the ability to accelerate analytical queries that target Db2 for z/OS data by routing to IDAA has been game changer. Support to accelerate analytical queries by routing to Db2 Data Gate, enables cloud-native applications that depend on business critical Db2 for z/OS data to send queries from Db2 for z/OS through Data Gate to Db2 Warehouse in Cloud Pak for Data in the private or public cloud.

The target database, IBM Db2 Warehouse is optimized for analytics. Applications always connect to Db2 for z/OS to execute queries, all result sets are also returned back to Db2 for z/OS, making query acceleration and execution completely transparent to the client application. This allows to achieve improved application performance with minimal to no changes required to the application itself, which is a key differentiator.

Not familiar with Db2 Data Gate? Learn more about it and how it is cloud enabling Db2 for z/OS data here.

Note: Query acceleration has been available as a Beta feature within IBM Db2 for z/OS Date Gate 2.0 since 2021.

Technical details

The query acceleration functionality is only supported when Db2 Warehouse has been configured as target database during the provision of Db2 Data Gate. If the feature is enabled, the character encoding of the target database will be kept the same as the encoding on Db2 for zOS (EBCDIC). This ensures that a query routed to Db2 Warehouse to be accelerated delivers the same result set as when executed by Db2 for z/OS.


Setting up Data Gate for Query Routing

  1. Provision Data Gate with Query Routing enabled

To use the query routing feature with Db2 Data Gate, the first step is to select a Db2 Warehouse instance that is pre-provisioned on the Cloud Pak for Data platform and then enable the “Use this data gate instance for query acceleration” checkbox.

1*uj_qxC3sVNf7cGkz4QjzCw.pngEnable query acceleration when creating an instance

2. Set up Db2 for z/OS for query acceleration

The following zPARMs have to be set to enable query acceleration when Db2 for z/OS subsystem starts:


Additionally, you can define what queries can be routed by setting QUERY_ACCEL_OPTIONS. An example setting is:


3. Connect Db2 Data Gate to Db2 for z/OS source database


4. Manage query acceleration for Db2 Data Gate


5. Add tables from Db2 for z/OS to Db2 Data Gate


6. Load data from Db2 for z/OS to Db2 Data Gate and enable acceleration 

When adding the tables to Data Gate, users have the option to also load data and enable data synchronization. If this option is not exercised, then data load can be initiated from the table list on the Tables tab. Once the data load is complete, query acceleration can be enabled from the same location for the selected tables. 

7. Get information about queries being accelerated

Once query acceleration is enabled on Db2 Data Gate instance level and on table level, queries targeting Db2 for z/OS can be accelerated to Db2 Data Gate (to execute against the data in the backend Db2 Warehouse). Similar to the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS, this is enabled by using the SET CURRENT QUERY ACCELERATION ALL statement:

1*BV5HaWxCvXAsjEjrMlZ_-Q.png 1*EWEsDpLsEEG9FI4Ka1G0Dg.png

After the query is executed, corresponding monitoring information will be displayed in the Queries section of the Data Gate User interface.


Why static images? Let’s see some live action!


See blog for information on all key Data Gate 2.1 functional highlights.

For information on install and configuration IBM Documentation for Data Gate

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June 2022 President's Letter

Hello again to our IDUG members all over the world! I encourage each of you to click here and view details on all of the IDUG 2022 North America Db2 Tech Conference education sessions—and then register for NA22 and reserve your lodging at our special $199/night rate. 

In addition to this video by IDUG, here are some special greetings from your IDUG NACPC Presentations Team Lead Chris Muncan. 

IDUG is honored to strengthen everyone in this community by providing the highest quality education and services for Db2. We appreciate your support! Until next time—wherever you may be reading this—stay healthy and stay safe. Chris and I and your IDUG family can’t wait to see you again!

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May 2022 President's Letter

Hello again to our IDUG members all over the world! I wanted to encourage every one of you to consider registering right now for the 2022 IDUG NA Db2 Tech Conference in Boston, USA, on July 11-14! A full Daily Schedule Grid is now available on our website, joining the full list of our technical breakout sessions’ presentations & presenters. And more agenda information is coming soon!   

As you know, our NA conference will be IDUG’s first hybrid event where you can participate on-site (to experience the full conference) or online (for access to select sessions). Today I wanted to note a few exciting pricing options for our members who will be joining us in Boston:

-FIRST-TIMERS DISCOUNT: Whether you are new to the IDUG community or not, if you have never been in-person at an IDUG North America conference before, you qualify for a 60% registration discount! Find out more here!

-HYBRID 3+5 PACK DISCOUNT: If you register three individuals from your organization to attend on-site, you get five FREE virtual registrations (~30% total registration discount). More details here.

-HYBRID 10+1 PACK DISCOUNT: If you register 10 individuals from your organization to participate online, you get one FREE on-site registration (also a ~30% total registration discount). More details here.

So, I have two quick items for you to consider to bolster your career development and to enhance your effective utilization of Db2 in 2022 and beyond:   

1-Review the Daily Schedule Grid of the 2022 IDUG NA Db2 Tech Conference in Boston and register here to attend the 2022 IDUG NA Db2 Tech Conference in Boston, USA, on July 11-14.

2-Registration is not yet open for the 2022 IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 22-26. But you can still send in an abstract here by May 13, 2022, to be a presenter there!

IDUG is honored to strengthen everyone in this community by providing the highest quality education and services for Db2. We appreciate your support! Until next time—wherever you may be reading this—stay healthy and stay safe.


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Read Now: IDUG President's Letter - April 2022

Hello again to our IDUG members all over the world! At the moment (although I’m almost hesitant to even say it), it finally does feel like our world may be expanding a bit, after contracting so much as it has over what has now been more than two years of this global pandemic.

Here’s an exciting snapshot of IDUG so far in 2022:

  • Two weekends ago, the IDUG Board of Directors held what was only its second face-to-face board meeting in the last two years
  • Last weekend, the EMEA Conference Planning Committee held its second face-to-face meeting since 2019
  • This weekend, the NA Conference Planning Committee will hold its first face-to-face meeting since 2019

Our very strong volunteer leadership program held IDUG together during this pandemic. So it is so wonderful to now be starting to get together in person to strengthen our personal bonds while we rejuvenate our professional organization.

Our NA conference will be IDUG’s first hybrid event where you can participate on-site (to experience the full conference) or online (for access to select sessions). We are now promoting several new group membership packages and we will soon be announcing our grid of technical sessions and expert speakers.     

I have three opportunities for you to consider to bolster your career development and to enhance your effective utilization of Db2 in 2022 and beyond:   

  1. Register here to attend the 2022 IDUG NA Db2 Tech Conference in Boston, USA, on July 11-14. 
  2. Send in an abstract here to present at the 2022 IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 22-26.
  3. Follow IDUG in your favorite social media channels (FacebookLinkedInTwitter) to receive the latest and greatest about IDUG and Db2, including these NA and EMEA conferences and about other 2022 IDUG events across the globe.

IDUG is honored to support and strengthen everyone in this community by providing the highest quality education and services for Db2. Until next time—wherever you may be reading this—stay healthy and stay safe.


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IBM Db2 13 for z/OS – AI Enriched


Enriched AI helps to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.



As organizations embark on their AI journeys, they face increasingly complex data management challenges – rapid data growth, rising operational costs, spreading siloes of duplicated data, demands for the most current data, faster and more accurate decision making, infusion of AI into their applications and transactions, growing regulatory requirements – all while reducing their security exposures wherever and however their data is stored.

As part of a data and AI solution, organizations are recognizing the value of a data fabric as a data management architecture that can help optimize access to data and intelligently curate and orchestrate it for self-service delivery to data consumers.  A data fabric can help provide faster, trusted AI outcomes by connecting the right data, at the right time, to the right people, from anywhere it’s needed.

Db2 for z/OS has a rich heritage of delivering the necessary qualities of service to address these pains points through its capabilities to:

  • Host and manage the world’s most business critical and up-to-date data.
  • Deliver the highest qualities of service to support modern mission critical AI and hybrid cloud applications.
  • Drive technical and cost efficiencies designed to address the unprecedented demand for secure, reliable, direct access to systems of record data.
  • Revolutionize Db2 management through new simplified experiences, powered by AI.
  • Simplify accessibility to mission critical data without moving or copying data.


Announcing IBM Db2 13 and Db2 AI for z/OS (Version 1.5)

Today, IBM announced the general availability of Db2 13 and Db2 AI for z/OS. Db2 13 for z/OS (Db2 13) delivers leading-edge AI innovations and enhancements, reinforcing it as the foundation for enterprise computing within the hybrid cloud and digital world - and a key component within an enterprise’s data fabric.

IBM Db2 delivers significant innovations and capabilities:

  • An innovative integrated approach to developing and deploying AI insights within applications
  • Infusing AI to help improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enhanced resiliency, efficiency, and application stability for unparalleled availability
  • Synergy with IBM z16 for enhanced efficiency and differentiating business value
  • Simplified database management and upgrades to help accelerate feature adoption and time to value

Db2 AI for z/OS helps organizations infuse AI throughout operations, transactions and applications for improved efficiency and better business outcomes. Here are a few examples:

  • Uses ML and AI to help improve operational performance and maintain the health of Db2 systems
  • Revolutionizes Db2 management through new simplified experiences, providing self-tuning / self-managing capabilities to Db2 for z/OS powered by AI
  • Provides better operational control over Db2 AI for z/OS processing
  • Addresses enterprise security and audit requirements with multifactor authentication
  • Applies intelligent insights using AI to predict and troubleshoot database performance

 SQL AI-Driven Data Insights

Competitive advantage hidden in data relationships can be difficult to identify which can result in missed opportunities for monetization. Traditional machine learning approaches can be effective, but require the right skills to draw out this valuable information and as such these relationships and insights could be completely overlooked unless done properly. Machine learning and data science approaches are often perceived as highly tailored processes requiring customized extract, transform, and model building processes along with additional infrastructure and software, requiring highly specialized data science skills.

IBM software is designed to help automate many of these complex challenges by applying machine learning throughout an organization’s AI journey involving the collection, organization, analysis of data and infusing AI into business processes and applications.

The Db2 for z/OS SQL Data Insights feature simplifies the data science process, helps reduce the time necessary to take advantage of AI, and identifies valuable hidden insight within enterprise data. It offers an innovative integrated approach to developing large-scale AI insights within a relational database for better business decisions. SQL Data Insights extracts exceptional business insight from Db2 for z/OS data through embedded, self-service AI functionality.

Db2 for z/OS provides automated neural network-powered semantic reasoning to identify similarities and correlations between Db2 for z/OS data points and relationships and extrapolate from one concept to another. With SQL Data Insights, customers can incorporate AI functionality within Db2 for z/OS applications and business intelligence (BI) tools to reduce infrastructure complexity, simplify application development, and deliver faster AI time to value.

Some of the key capabilities of SQL Data Insights are:

  • Uncovers data relationships and implicit insights hidden within customers' Db2 for z/OS data through SQL Data Insights AI-enhanced SQL
  • Enables any application, such as customer service and mobile applications, that can access Db2 for z/OS data to use SQL to benefit from AI insights
  • Uses Natural Language Processing to build Artificial Neural Network models on existing Db2 data without requiring data scientist skills
  • Delivers model-based explain capability
  • Exploits IBM z16 optimization to speed up training and query

Readily integrating AI within applications helps identify and monetize hidden insights within the data using SQL Data Insights that would otherwise be overlooked.

Learn More - Check out the Db2 SQL Data Insight Product Demo

AI infused in Db2 for z/OS for improved performance

Db2 for z/OS infused AI helps reduce staff costs and enhances application performance. It learns the patterns from the collected data from workloads in customers' unique operating environments and determines the optimal paths for SQL statements entering Db2 for z/OS. Infused AI technology reduces the need for data scientist support.

These AI capabilities help to better serve business and technical insights with improved support for application growth and performance with smarter insert processing, reducing the need for DBA performance-tuning expertise. Additionally, Db2 13 is designed to deliver the following features in these key areas:

  • Reduced CPU and index maintenance costs that help enterprises grow workloads.
  • Improved insert performance for PBG tablespaces.
  • With Db2 13, APREUSE offers the option to manage a more granular level access path reuse and reduce error or warning cases from rewritten queries.
  • Help reduce downtime for implementing application changes.
  • Enhanced sort optimization, which helps improve the performance of certain operations without changing how Db2 for z/OS is used.
  • Fast index traversal (FTB) support for larger index keys.
  • Reduced overhead for replication of subsets and data partitions.

Infusing AI helps to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase database administrator (DBA) productivity. Customers can experience improved application performance and business resiliency by exploiting AI and Machine Learning (ML) technology because it helps support application growth and performance with smarter insert processing. It can also help reduce CPU utilization through improved index maintenance, smarter sort optimization, and improved concurrency while minimizing any downtime when implementing application changes.


Enhanced Scalability, Security, and Compliance

Businesses need to be able to rapidly and dynamically adapt and react to changes in the marketplace. They should be able to expand their systems quickly and easily to meet the needs of the business, both for the long term or short term – including temporary seasonal changes or peak periods, without impacting availability. Db2 13 supports new and growing workloads without having to enact deep changes to the Db2 for z/OS environment.  It offers improved storage conditions, higher concurrent threads, and increased concurrent data sets for other Db2 activities. The Db2 installation and process for customizing the amount of private storage has been enhanced. There is also enhanced Disks Data Format (DDF) storage relief, which provides the means for customers to grow while helping to reduce outages. Organizations can also benefit from  the enhanced scalability and improved serviceability.

With each new release, Db2 for z/OS gets faster and more securable. In database environments security is critical. Continual monitoring for compliance with standards improves security.  To this end, Db2 for z/OS adds automated compliance evidence data collection that enables the IBM Security and Compliance Center solution to provide Db2 for z/OS customers with the compliance posture of application and infrastructure running in a Db2 for z/OS environment. This simplifies the regulatory controls validation for audits. And DBAs can create routine packages within the trusted context of Db2 for z/OS, which can result in significant productivity gains.


Db2 13 and IBM z16 – Better Together

Sometimes, things are just meant to be.  Downtime is the enemy of a business. It costs both time and money and can have grave consequences for organizations that are not sufficiently prepared, sometimes resulting in irreparable brand damage, public confidence, and trust. Analyst reports demonstrate that downtime costs $5,600 per minute on average. This results in average costs between $140,000 and $540,000 per hour, depending on the organization. Db2 13 increases resiliency with the exploitation of system recovery boost, which helps improve restart performance and minimize downtime. Db2 can exploit the IBM z16 hardware as follows:

  • New System Recovery Boost (SRB) in IBM z16 can help improve Db2 for z/OS restart performance, thereby minimizing downtime
  • Better insights to tune Db2 performance in data sharing environments with the exploitation of IBM z16
  • Expanded SORTL instruction usage based on machine learning on the amount of storage and the number of records being sorted, requires IBM z15 or higher
  • Exploits IBM z16 optimization to speed up training and query

 All this adds up to enhanced efficiency and differentiating business value for organizations.

Database Management and Upgrades - Simpler and Easier than ever Before

With all the benefits and capabilities, Db2 13 can help improve an organization’s time to value, enabling organizations to exploit new features and functions designed to avoid impacting availability, security, or performance. Organizations can enjoy the simplified process to upgrade to Db2 13 in a single phase. There is improved ability for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products to better support data replication environments through the ability to write decompression dictionaries to the Db2 log – along with improved performance through enhanced REORG INDEX and the collection of real-time and historical information regarding utility executions.


Your Next Steps

This blog highlights just some of the key capabilities, benefits, and features of what IBM Db2 13 for z/OS has to offer organizations as part of their Journey to AI. It should hopefully remove any doubts as to why to upgrade from earlier versions.

If you need help with any aspect of your Db2 installation, implementation or upgrading, IBM provides help in the form of its many services offerings such as IBM Systems Lab Services, IBM Consulting, IBM Technology Support Services, IBM Expert Labs, IBM Security Expert Labs.


If you’re interested in learning more about Db2 13 for z/OS and its many benefits, please visit:


Steven Astorino,

VP of Development, Data and AI, and Canada Lab Director

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In this blog we will discuss about the Capture Query environment and performance data functionality that is supported by IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA) to gather query environment information to help understand and address query performance issues. With query acceleration being the primary business value proposition for IDAA it is always important to understand the environment in which the query is executing to help achieve optimal query performance .  The need for a robust means to gather information about the environment in which queries execute is amplified in the case where complex, resource intensive, analytical queries are being executed on the IDAA. 
Since versions 7.5.1 and 7.5.3 of the IDAA server, this new capability to allow Capturing query environment and performance data has been supported. As you may be aware, IDAA uses a Db2 Warehouse columnar engine as the datastore. When eligible for acceleration, Db2 for z/OS sends the queries over to IDAA for execution. In case of performance issues, collection of query environment and performance data can be enabled. When enabled, the queries need to be re-executed under the covers to gather the necessary information.  
Initiating the data capture can be done by invoking the ACCEL_CONTROL_ACCELERATOR with the following inputs or using the existing Data Studio interface to administering IDAA. 
Since the query is executed under the covers and may be long-running, the timeout value here allow users to control how much longer the query will be allowed to execute to capture environment data.  This execution of the query along with performance tracing enabled will utilize Db2 Warehouse resources and may potentially impact performance of other IDAA operations, depending on the nature of the query.

Once the capture has been initiated, saving the trace with the option to also gather the Manually collected trace information will combine the query and performance trace data as part of the downloaded traces to allow users to analyze and share with the support teams for further analysis. 
This doc along with the default IDAA trace can help provide actionable steps to resolve the query performance problem. Some examples include, but are not limited to the following:
This can also be automated in a batch process using the sample stored procedure ACCEL.GET_QUERY_HISTORY2 How to store Db2 query history in a Db2 for zOS table . With GET_QUERY_HISTORY2 running at a set interval, i.e. every 5 minutes, a batch application can set a threshold for total elapsed time. For queries that exceed this threshold call ACCEL_CONTROL_ACCELERATOR automatically to collect the query environment data and performance docs. 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<aqt:controlCommand xmlns:aqt=""
    <getAdditionalSupport planID="0" traceCommand="CDE_PERFORMANCE_TRACE"
</aqt:controlCommand >

Then at another interval (every 24 hours), call ACCEL_CONTROL_ACCELERATOR to save the trace . 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<aqt:controlCommand xmlns:aqt="" 
    <getTraceData keepConfiguration="true">
        <content>ADDITIONALSUPPORTINFO </content>
NoteDocuments saved from capture query environment and performance data are automatically deleted on the accelerator after 7 days.
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IDUG North America 2022 | Boston, MA | July 11-14  REGISTER NOW




Registration is Open Now!

IDUG's 2022 North America Db2 Tech Conference will be held at the Sheraton Boston on July 11-14, 2022 [some optional pre-conference events could occur on July 10, 2022]. 

This year’s North America event is a hybrid conference: you can register to attend on-site or to participate online. Register now for the conference, then (if you will be participating on-site) reserve your lodging at the Sheraton Boston!

Conference Sponsorships Available... 

Connect with your customers at IDUG 2022 NA! Click here for the sponsor prospectus that explains exhibit and marketing opportunities to share your expertise with our audience. IDUG will be bringing together the global Db2 community for four days of in-person exploration and collaboration in July. Reach out to us at to learn about all our opportunities.

Schedule & Speakers Announcements Coming Soon...

IDUG’s North America Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is finalizing the schedule and speakers for IDUG 2022 NA. If you have any questions about the schedule and speakers, please reach out to CPC member Chris Muncan at


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Read Now: IDUG President's Letter March 2022

Hello again to our IDUG members all over the world. I know that everyone in the Db2 User community is really excited about 2022. In addition to our plans to return to face-to-face IDUG events this year, this will be a very big year for Db2!

Of course, we hope to see you in person at our Db2 Tech Conferences in Boston and Edinburgh. But if you participated virtually in the 2021 IDUG EMEA conference last December, you already know what will make 2022 so special. IBM will be announcing a new release of Db2 for z/OS this year!

It has been five years since the announcement of Db2 12. And with the announcement of continuous delivery and regular new Db2 functions and features on demand, many of us wondered if there was going to be any "major” releases from IBM ever again. But the world changed with Data Fabric and AI, when the wants and needs of Db2 users everywhere grew so rapidly.  

IBM Db2 Vnext for z/OS will deliver significant innovations and capabilities around:

  • Innovative integrated AI approaches to developing and deploying AI insights within applications
  • Infusing AI to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enhanced resiliency, efficiency, and application stability for unparalleled availability
  • Synergy with IBM z16 for enhanced efficiency and differentiating business value
  • Simplified database management and upgrades to help accelerate feature adoption and time to value

I have three opportunities for you to consider to bolster your career development and to enhance your effective utilization of Db2 in 2022 and beyond:   

1-Send in an abstract here to present at the 2022 IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2-Follow IDUG in your favorite social media channels (FacebookLinkedInTwitter) to receive registration information soon for the 2022 IDUG NA Db2 Tech Conference in Boston, USA (and other upcoming IDUG events across the globe).

3-Register here to join the IBM announcement webinar called “Db2 Vnext AI Infused with Data Insights – A Critical Component of Your Data Fabric Strategy” on April 6, 2022, from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time.   

IDUG is honored to support and strengthen everyone in this community by providing the highest quality education and services for Db2. Until next time—wherever you may be reading this—stay healthy and stay safe.     


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By James Gill


A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), I began this series with the intention of blogging about using Jenkins to orchestrate some tasks on z/OS. I did an introduction to Jenkins and one on groovy pipelines


In this blog post, we’re going to look at what we need to do to run a Jenkins node on z/OS. It should be noted that this runs as a process in USS, and we’re going to assume that you’re comfortable there. In many ways, this is a regular Posix Unix environment, albeit with extensions to reflect the fact that we’re running as part of z/OS.

Read the blog in full.



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Tablespaces: where exactly is my data?

By Mark Gillis

This should be pretty straight-forward: you can look in the TABLES System Catalogue and find references for the data (TBSPACE), Indexes (INDEX_TBSPACE) and Large Objects (LONG_TBSPACE). But DB2 throws a few curved balls here; partitioned tables (where the data, indexes and LOBs can be in multiple tablespaces), particular types of index that don’t seem to be in the catalogues at first glance, etc. Let’s see if we can put something together that shows the complete picture.



I’ve got a little database with all sorts of weird and wacky objects. It’s tiny, in terms of volume, but includes row and column-organized tables, range-partitioned tables, MQTs and a bunch of other stuff. Some tables have the full “INDEX IN … LONG IN ….” Tablespace definitions but don’t actually use them, some don’t have any or all the tablespace directives. I want to be able to see the full picture, so how do I go about that?

Click here to find out. 



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