Announcing Enterprise Advisor for Db2 for z/OS

By Joseph Ou-Yang and Ann Hernandez

Do you ever wish you could just ask a Db2 expert about something? Maybe about how to do something with Db2 that you've never done before? Or maybe about problems that occur during migration from an older version of Db2 to Db2 12 or Db2 11? If having an expert available sounds appealing to you, then IBM's recent announcement about Enterprise Advisor for Db2 for z/OS is very good news.

As a new, separately priced feature of Db2 12 and Db2 11, Enterprise Advisor for Db2 for z/OS lets you consult directly with IBM Db2 for z/OS experts in the IBM lab where Db2 is developed. These experts will provide two categories of assistance: with defects and with non-defect situations.

For defects, with this new feature, if you are using an out-of-service Db2 version, you will get the same world-class support as with the in-support versions of the product. You can ask IBM for assistance in finding and applying fixes to problems that IBM already resolved, even if you are running an out-of-service version of Db2.

For non-defect situations, regardless of what version you are using, you can now get advice and assistance from Db2 experts in the Db2 product development lab. For example, during your normal country business hours, you can ask questions about things like Db2 usage, “how-to” information, and so on. And the great thing about Enterprise Advisor for Db2 for z/OS is that anyone in your enterprise can initiate these technical support incidents, including less-experienced colleagues who can seek assistance and thereby improve their own skills and knowledge.

Another key piece of Enterprise Advisor for Db2 for z/OS is zServiceAdvisor, which is a smart IBM Z software maintenance solution that runs as a mobile app for iPhones and Android phones. In the future, IBM plans to expand the capabilities of the Enterprise Advisor feature, including delivery of premium services that will be available only to Enterprise Advisor clients who use the zServiceAdvisor app. (You can read more about the zServiceAdvisor app in this related blog post.)

Be aware that certain exclusions apply and are documented in the Official Announcement of Enterprise Advisor for Db2 for z/OS (link below).

If your Db2 for z/OS organization doesn't have the time, resource, or skills to run your environment as smoothly as you would like, or if you would like to have extended support for out-of-service versions of Db2, check out the Enterprise Advisor for Db2 for z/OS.  

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