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Steps to investigate CPU performance on release migration presented by John Campbell
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This best practice discusses methodologies and techniques to investigate a CPU performance regression across a release migration. When a regression occurs you need to be able to quantify it as well as try to determine the cause. You need to normalize results in a real world environment to compare results between DB2 releases. This web lecture shows you what to look for and how to go about the comparison. Specifics are given on how to use statistics and accounting trace workload indicators.

DB2 for zOS Data Sharing Tuning Group Buffer Pools presented by John Campbell
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In a data sharing environment, tuning Group Buffer Pools is an important activity for keeping your system running smoothly. First, this web lecture goes through the functions and features of Group Buffer Pools to explain the processes involved in tuning. Then, it will show you a series of reports and explain how to interpret key metrics for Group Buffer Pool tuning. Recommended thresholds are described.

Best Practices for Optimal Access Path Selection During Migration presented by Tom Beavin
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Access path regressions can be puzzling and can take much effort to diagnose. This best practice will help you understand how to prevent them when migrating to a new release of DB2. It explains what you need to capture on your current DB2 system prior to migration. Tips on what information you need and how to model your production environment are discussed. What role RUNSTATS and EXPLAIN play in this process is also discussed. Following this best practice will improve your migration process.

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