DB2 for z/OS Locking for Application Developers Part 9

In this ninth article in the series on DB2 Locking for Application Developers, which provides information about coding your application not only for data integrity, which is the principle focus of this series of articles, but also for performance and concurrency, taking into account the transaction isolation levels in effect at run time. Background information about DB2 for z/OS locking semantics and mechanisms, transaction isolation levels, data anomalies and more are discussed in previous articles. This article concentrates on coding techniques, mostly for combining read-only cursors with searched update statements, that will provide protection against data anomalies, most specifically the lost update anomaly.

Let’s start with a restatement of why this is important. In DB2 for z/OS, the recommended programming technique for reading rows via a cursor and then updating some or all of those rows is to specify the FOR UPDATE clause on the cursor declaration and use positioned updates – UPDATE WHERE CURRENT OF. This has the advantage that, when you read a row, DB2 takes a U lock on the row or page. This allows concurrent readers with an S lock, but any concurrent transactions requesting U or X locks will have to wait until the U lock is released. When the transaction issues UPDATE WHERE CURRENT OF <cursor-name>, DB2 attempts to promote the U lock to an X lock. This ensures that no other transaction can have updated the row between the SELECT, which protects the row with a U lock, and the UPDATE.

However, it’s not always possible to use FOR UPDATE cursors. Find out why. Click here to continue reading. 

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