Db2 for z/OS support of z15 and z/OS 2.4


Is maintenance needed in Db2 for z/OS (V11 or V12) for a migration to

- the current hardware z15

- or the current operating system z/OS 2.4 ?

As of today there are no APARs/PTFs needed to tolerate such a migration.


The following key z15 features are exploited by Db2 for z/OS:

- Faster SSL/TLS handshake performance on IBM z15 with Crypto Express7S compared to z14 with Crypto Express6S (no change in Db2 required)

- System Recovery Boost, especially for the transaction/batch backlog of Db2 (no change in Db2 required)

- IBM Z Data Privacy for Diagnostics, which is implemented by OA57570: Db2 exploitation by PH15940.

- Integrated Accelerator for zEDC (LOB compression in Db2 12 for z/OS, no additional change required).

Of course besides the above features, Db2 for z/OS has automatically benefit of improved CPU power and real storage enhancements of the z15.

Db2 12 supports 16TB in total buffer pool size. z15 supports 40 TB maximum per system. z/OS 2.4 supports 4TB per LPAR.

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Comment by Peter Hartmann on December 17, 2019 at 6:57


The question is probably not how to go from Db2 V11 NFM to Db2 V12 V12R1M505. This can be done by

a) V11 NFM - CATMAINT to V12R1M100

b) ACTIVATE to V12R1M500 or V12R1M501

c) CATMAINT to V12R1M505

d) ACTIVATE to V12R1M505.

Although you can combine all these steps in one job, I would not recommend it.

Probably the questions are:

a) How many steps should you take? What is your experience with the old migrations, how long have you stayed in CM ? I recommend for your case without knowing your environment, at least 4 weeks in V12R1M100, then 4 weeks in V12R1M500 or V12R1M501 and then go forward to V12R1M505.

b) How can we prevent new functionality of V12R1M50x in production, although test is already converted? The same way as you prevent it in e.g. V10, old SDSNLOAD for applicaton precompile etc. or old driver packages with APPLCOMPAT V11R1

Comment by City Villager on December 17, 2019 at 3:29

With new continuous delivery and Function level, there is confusion about the migration path.. Our target is to migrate from Db1 V11 NFM to DB2 12 FL0505 ..and from our sand box -> to dev Box -> to Production while maintaining full compatibility of DB2 running at different levels. 

Whats the fastest way. We need to d it to exploit DB2 SSC - internal CDC delivered at FL0505.

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