A couple on months ago I decided it was time to update my router so I started searching on the web.  I saw the latest wireless specs were 802.11 ac. So I found a few routers started comparing their capabilities against my list of needs (coverage and range, reliability, management, speed, cloud enabled, media server enabled, auto failover to second ISP... and so on.  After I narrowed it down to 5 or 6 models, I started looking at reviews on Amazon, CNET, Trustedreviews, etc and weeded out the weaker ones.   I contacted friends on social media sites who were tech-geeks like me to hear their experiences, physically looked at one in a store  - yes... I actually stepped outside the somewhat safe virtual world for a while!. Once I had decided the "chosen one" met all my requirements / needs and was satisfied with the reviews I started looking for the best price on-line and fastest delivery. By now you're asking "Where is he going with all this?"

It occurred to me that I was using many sources of information :
structured information comparing specs in tabular form
free form text reviews containing emotion and sentiment
1-on-1 conversations with friends
cheapest prices, fastest deliveries....

Bingo ... big data - and analytcis !

So do big data and analytics processes mimic how our brains work ?  We take multiple different threads, many perspectives, analyze all these thought processes (somewhat in parallel).  You can see where I am going with this....  We start with a set of objectives, gather a few data points with some uncertainty about the best outcome at this early stage and then add more perspectives and data points, join the dots, keep adding more data points, connect more dots until we feel we are as close to making the best decision that meets our needs.

So to me - we have always been doing big data and analytics mentally. But now we're trying to emulate it in computer models.

Deep.... very deep.

So when you are trying to decide what is the best big data and business analytics and solution and trying to identify the best vendor,  here's a link that might be helpful. http://bit.ly/QlXOlG
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