Do you set Db2 application performance thresholds?

Performance thresholds are not a new concept.  They’re easy to understand in principle, but why do people avoid using them?  Some users believe that performance thresholds can cause you to react to a quick fix and often make performance worse than when you started.  If you’re setting Db2 performance thresholds based on changing application conditions, you are trying to anticipate what is normal and adjust from that.  Maybe you ignore using thresholds because they can’t detect the anomalies and you don’t have the time for guess work.  What if there was a way you could have a threshold that is adaptive? A threshold that can learn and change based on your application’s behavior?


That and more is the topic of the November 19th (11 AM EST) webcast with Terry Purcell, IBM STSM and Saghi Amirsoleymani, Rocket VP.  Learn how to apply AI/ML principles to your Db2 application performance thresholds. 

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