OK - so you are on here because you love IBM DB2 for z/OS. Well....IBM is inviting System z customers to participate in an Early Release Program for InfoSphere Master Data Management Server for z/OS - which of course is based on DB2 for z/OS. We invite customers to evaluate the capabilities of the market leading Master Data Management offering on one of the highest performance, most business resilient secure platforms on the market. If you are interested or would like to participate in this program please contact : Anthony Bosanac (abosanac@ca.ibm.com) and Henk Alblas (halblas@ca.ibm.com)

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  • Hi Mark,
    I am a fan of MDM (in fact one of the three SOA pillars, next to BPM, BPRM), but, while I fully understand the advantage of running DWH on iron (zOS) and Cognos BI (on zLinux vm/lpar), why should I bother, with out a native GUI and reasonable Java performance on USS (zWAS, etc), while a simple (i7 ;-) laptop would do it? I am 35 years committed zOS professional, but when it comes to ease of use, nothing beats the beast, but the mickeys (call'em zubuntus).
    I hope my question is not nor offending, neither provocative. One shouldn't (too early) throw all on iron (z, unless ripe, see uss, zaap, xml vs datapower, etc, sad stories behind the courtains of the flagship zEnterprise). In fact Pierre Bonnet, distinguished French visionary Architect, has done a lot of good about MDM, beyound the IBM marketing fuzz on pointed MDM solution (customers or products, bla, bla). I guess he would rise the same question.
    BTW, in Brussels, BE, we have a DAMA chapter, run by Peter Campbell where MDM is well dreamt of, not a "low hanging fruit" dillema (it doesn't pay back for CIO's, but it hurts when it comes to mergers, like the one I do now, courtesy of Accenture, between Commerzbank and Dresdner bank) and the excellent work of spin-off Collibra on web semantics and so on ... around MDM. This has, again, nothing to do with z - it's just meta information (not data ;-).
    Nick Manu
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