Function level V12R1M504 and e.g. archive tables


With APPLCOMPAT V12R1M504 on e.g. SPUFI or DSNTEP2, one can no longer create segmented or classic partitioned table spaces. See knowledge center for this restriction.
A small marginalia is behind this restriction, if this is combined with another fact.
In special cases DROP TABLE removes also dependent tables, e.g. DROP of an archive-enabled table (AET) drops the dependent archive table.


Assume an AET is in database 1 (DB_1), the table space type in this case is irrelevant.
The dependent archive table is in database 2 (DB_2), the table space type is an old-fashioned segmented table space.
Now DROP DB_1 is issued and this runs successful.
If the dependent archive table is in a universal table space (UTS), then DROP DB_1 results in:



The DROP DB_1 wants to drop also the AET table: this implicitly triggers the DROP of the dependent archive table, which could not run, because the dependent archive table is in a UTS. And UTS does not allow DROP TABLE. Refer again to SQLCODE-669.

With introduction of V12R1M504 this scenario could happen, because DDL CREATE syntax of an old-fashioned segmented table space creates a UTS Partition-By-Growth (PBG) table space.

If you ask yourself, why the author knows this and thinks this is remarkable: By running into the problem.

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Comment by Peter Hartmann on November 24, 2019 at 6:50

Now a solution is available.

For details refer to:

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