Did you miss the amazing presentation from Ganesh Mahadevan from Chief Architect from Tata Consulting presenting "Flexing New Age Applications with DB2 JSON Capability"


Ganesh Mahadevan is a certified TOGAF 8 Enterprise Architect, leading the Mainframe and AS/400 platforms in Technology Excellence Group in TCS. He joined TCS in 1997 and since then have worked in various dimensions - as a Programmer, Project Leader, Project Manager, Product Expert and Architect.
He has involved in many credit card and store card application maintenance, support and implementation projects. He has lead and implemented all supporting modules such as Loyalty, Promotions, Statements, etc. for a major enterprise in U.K. He has been involved in implementation of Credit card fraud detection systems. He has executed three banks Merger & Acquisitions projects for US based retail bank and VSAM to DB2 Migration project for a leading U.S based retail bank.

He has implemented 1000+ Person Months Legacy convergence project in 8 countries for a leading global insurance company.

He was the pioneer in setting up the first ATM lab at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Chennai. He has guided TCS team during the installation of TCS Mainframe z10 in Siruseri. This is the first z10 implementation by India based System Integrator.

In his current role, he supports many projects across various verticals such as Banking & Financial, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Health Care, Travels, etc. on their next-gen and innovative solution needs on Mainframe and AS/400 platforms.

He is guiding a young team to generate CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social) solutions on Legacy platforms Mainframe and AS/400.

He has been part of various Mainframe related training at TCS and conducted Technology Appreciation programmes for final year students.

If you missed this amazing presentation check the presentation below


App development across digital platform forms the major ecosystem around the legacy applications. Enterprise business data continues to originate and emanate from DB2 on z/OS. Here we focus on latest features of DB2 11 towards securing and processing of JSON workloads. In DB2 12 JSON APIs have enabled to meticulously handle NoSQL data needs empowered by two prong approach of Java driver and SQL extension. DB2 12 also provides a RESTful data as service environment a feature that works with IBM z/OS Connect. Performance optimizers when leveraging native SPs from distributed applications is illustrated.


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