Good bye JC! John Campbell is retiring on 5th Aug

Congratulations to John Campbell, Db2 for z/OS DE, on his Retirement! Living Db2 Legend!

John Campbell IBM DE for Db2 for z/OS will be retiring from IBM on the 5th of August 2022 after four decades working on IBM Db2 for z/OS. He has been the face of “World of Db2” for decades and I know he will be greatly missed by all of us. 

John started working on Db2 for z/OS Version 1 in the 80's, here is a brief summary of John's career with Db2 for z/OS.  John has worked with many, many Db2 customers, business partners and IBMers over the decades, this is an opportunity for everyone to say goodbye to John before he leaves IBM.

John is a living legend of the Db2 community, especially a familiar face at conferences, World of Db2, IBM and IDUG Events, supported Db2 for z/OS books, Redbooks, whitepapers etc. He will greatly be missed at events, conferences, panels etc 

John has attended and presented at nearly 60 IDUG conferences in North America, EMEA, Australia, South America and India.  He has been voted regularly as the “Top 10 Speaker" on majority of these conferences and been voted “Best "Presenter” at least 3 times and entered the IDUG Speaker Hall of Fame. He has presented many, many Db2 for z/OS webcasts over his career, I have personally worked with John for the past ten years and his webcasts have always achieved up to 1000+ registrations and which is a record for webcasts. 

He has also supported many, many Db2 regional User Groups all over the world.

I know John really wanted an opportunity to meet many of his customers, partners and Db2 family before his retirement and say "goodbye". However, with "Covid Pandemic” it does not look like it is possible, so we have arranged a virtual party.

Check out some of the highlights and memories of the last four decades Click Here

If you have any photos that you would like please upload to this community. Please send your wishes and memories, I will try and print and share in his retirement card. 


John started working on Db2 in the 80's as started his career as IBM Systems Engineer. - here is a brief backgrpound of JC's career. JC's words 

  • Technical branch system engineer helping the early customers migrate and exploit Db2 V1R1 thru Db2 V2R3. Helped design and implement major operational and decision support systems.
  • Top system engineer in his IBM System Engineering School.
  • Lead subject matter expert for Db2 in IBM UK Country Technical Support. Major contributor to IBM Redbook projects, and UK and Intentional Conference.
  • Assignment to Db2 Lab in San Jose working as a performance analyst for Db2 V3 and V4. Technical leader in Performance Team for the design and development of Data Sharing and Type 2 Index Manager.
  • Appointed IBM Distinguished Engineer and entry to the IBM Academy of Technology in 2003.
  • Several major IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards including for data sharing.
  • Technical leader of the Db2 Worldwide SWAT Team since 1999.
  • Voted best speaker at multiple major IDUG Conferences around the world, and member of the IDUG Speaker Hall of fame.
  • I hope I will be remembered for my deep technical knowledge, my enthusiasm, customer handling skills, inspiring others, and being generous with my knowledge and time in helping colleagues and customers. Most importantly as the voice of the customer and the voice of reason within Db2 Development.


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  • All the best in your retirement, John. Think of us still toiling in the Db2 world fondly as you relax and enjoy life!

  • I would have liked to say good-buy in person... I wish you the best for your retirement this way. especially good health to work through the difficult times and enjoy all new endeavors. I remember that we started working together at the Betaprogramm for Db2 V4.1 implementing Data Sharing in early adopters in Europe. Time passed by so fast. Thank you for sharing your experience and the accomplishments making Db2 for z/OS a better product.

  • Thanks John for all the help and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I wish you many blessings.

  • John, 

    Congratulations on your retirement. You have truly been a teacher and it feels like am saying good-bye to Obi-Wan-Kenobi. I think you know that you are leaving Db2 better off because of your efforts. Thank you. Gerry Luna

  • John.

    Congrats on your retirement. 
    Keep on going. Life will be wonderful outside of IBM.

    Michael Beermann

  • Congratulations on your retirement.  Thank you for all the informative presentations over the years.  Best of luck to you!

  • "End of an era" is an old cliché but I so think it really applies in this case. Thank you JC for all your help and support during my time at IBM . The Db2 community will miss you.

    All the best for the future.

    Michael Lowe

  • Congrats on your doubtless deserved retirement, John. One of the select few who have been "the voice of Db2"!

  • Congratulations on your retirement John, I can’t think of anyone who’s earned it more than you have. I suspect that this page will rapidly fill up with superlatives on your impact on the DB2 world, and every one of them is richly deserved.

    On a personal level, you've been a role model, mentor and technical advisor for nearly 30 years and I've really appreciated every single bit of advice and guidance that you've so generously given. Thank you!

    Wishing you all the best for a long, happy and healthy retirement.


  • Congratulations John.  Here's wishing you a joyful and well-deserved retirement!


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