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By Patricia Zakhar and Annette Zawacki

IBM is committed to helping its customers become insights-driven and to differentiate their businesses by maximizing the value of their IBM Z data and resources.


To support this effort, IBM is bringing Z clients together for a three-day Enterprise Data and AI on IBM Z Virtual Symposium. During this event, IBM’s most progressive technologists and innovative customers will host sessions across the full spectrum of Data and AI on IBM Z offerings. Analytics and AI will take centerstage with must-see sessions on Db2 Analytics Accelerator and Watson Machine Learning for z/OS including:


How to bring analytics to your most valuable data and derive optimal insight

Namik Hrle, IBM Fellow, Data and AI on IBM Z


Infuse Data, AI and ML into your core business processes for actionable insight

Eberhard Hechler, Executive Architect


Lightning-fast –Db2 Analytics Accelerator Integrated Synchronization

Daniel Martin, IBM Development, Data & AI on Z

Bob Perih, Director Global Enterprise Database Services, Citibank


Register now for the Enterprise Data and AI on IBM Z Virtual Symposium and discover how IBM can help you build a holistic data infrastructure to simplify access to and leverage IBM Z data from transaction to decision. Enhance your IT strategy by taking advantage of IBM Z and other IBM technology to become a truly transformative, insights-driven enterprise.

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With all the hype around new technology, cloud platforms and development approaches, you might be wondering how IBM Z and the transactional data that resides on it fit into this changing landscape. Read the new IBM Z e-Book

The optimal position for today’s IT organization is to be a full-fledged partner with lines of business to drive revenue and deliver on an organization’s strategy. IT organizations need to modernize. This means there is an opportunity for your organization to bring IBM Z into your broader hybrid cloud approach.

Many organizations say they want to modernize and transform. To transform requires agility and agility is a continuous process. You need technology that can continuously adapt to new business requirements and IT methodology. 


IBM Z has proven to be adaptable throughout its history and continues to introduce new capabilities to support your most critical engagement, analytics and AI applications. That includes support for your hybrid cloud infrastructure.  New capabilities demonstrate that, just like you, IBM is continuing to invest in IBM Z  -- a vibrant, adaptable platform that you can depend on to differentiate your organization.


IBM Z is the most resilient platform available for your core transactional systems and now offers integration with IBM Cloud Pak for Data™, IBM’s strategic platform for Data and AI. This integration means you can readily take advantage of your IBM Z data and resources as part of an integrated data and AI platform to modernize the way you collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout your organization.


Your IBM Z infrastructure investment holds significant value and can help your organization deliver continued business differentiation. Some may say that IBM Z and hybrid cloud is an unconventional combination. However, to paraphrase John Maynard Keynes, to succeed, sometimes it is necessary to do so unconventionally rather than be like everyone else and perform conventionally. IBM understands this and offers the differentiated organization a differentiated set of platforms.


I welcome you to read a new e-Book:  Leveraging IBM Z for a hybrid cloud world to learn how IBM Z IBM Z and IBM Cloud Pak for Data can complement and extend your existing and future hybrid cloud environment.


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