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This is just a quick "blog" to let you all know that we now have enabled the "On line Chat" in the World of DB2 for z/OS

This is a great feature and now that we have also enabled "The World of DB2 for z/OS" community for mobile devices so you can chat "anytime" "any place" with your fellow DB2 members

I was logged in to the community and I saw Bart Steegmans  who was surprised when I started chatting with him- see the conversation below of our live chat below . 


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Thinking of attending IBM Information On Demand 2012 Global Conference in Las Vegas ?  There are many reasons why you can't afford to miss this Global Conference if you are in the Information Management business.  Here are some of the reasons you may attend:-

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I know many of you have been waiting for DB2 10 Customer Case Studies - today we have an customer case study that we can share externally,  this will help other customers planning the upgrade to DB2 10 and also see the business benefits customers are reaping  . Primercia's overall impression is that they have already seen a roughly 6 percent performance increase by taking advantage of support for large [1 MB] pages in DB2 and project CPU savings of as much as 10 percent for some applications..

Read Full Case study today  Learn how Primerica upgraded to DB2 10 and improves efficiency,  gains more flexibility and reduced costs Click Here 

“DB2 provides us with a foundation such that two and three years down the road, we know we won’t be impeded in developing new applications with our partners or in rolling out new smartphone apps to our agents.”—Bill Raser, senior vice president of data administration and mainframe systems support, Primerica

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9524593694?profile=originalThis is the 16th year of SQLAdria’s existence. It was founded in 1994 as a local DB2 User Group and it has become the regional user group of IDUG the same year. The number of attendees at the conferences has been growing every year. SQLAdria Conference in Dubrovnik has already become the real international event.

SQL Adria is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 1994. and in the same year it has become the regional user group of IDUG. The members of SQL Adria are companies, e.g. users of relational databases (mainly DB2) on the one hand, and vendors on the other. The members of SQL Adria are well known and distinctive companies from Croatia and Slovenia (banks, health and pension insurance institutes, finance agency, IS and IT support agency, company for electricity distribution,…).

As vendor members, CA, IBM, BMC, Compuware,… have been supporting our activities throughout past years. The main body of SQL Adria is the presidency, elected on annually basis. The presidency proposes and delivers the plan and the programme for every year, trying to address today’s challenges and interest of the members. It also confirms the terms of realization, and it manages incomes and expenses.

SQL Adria were awarded the "Best Managed DB2 for z/OS User Group " for 2011 - if you missed the conference this year check out here are some of the photos from the conference

DB2 for z/OS Facebook Fan page



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