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Consider direct distributed connections to DB2 and trading up to DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition  by Pallavi Priyadarshini


Top banks, financial services, retail and telecom companies store their mission critical data on  DB2 for z/OS, DB2 LUW and DB2 for i. Distributed workloads accessing DB2 data have proliferated due to the ubiquity of Web and Mobile applications. DB2 Connect provides a portfolio of database drivers offering distributed access to DB2 data through standard interfaces such as JDBC, SQLJ, OLE DB, ADO, ADO.NET, CLI, embedded SQL and scripting Languages such as PhP, Python, Ruby and Perl.

For distributed access to data stored on DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for i, license entitlement to DB2 Connect must be purchased. DB2 Connect is offered in several editions (Enterprise Edition, Application Server Edition, Unlimited Edition). Introduction of Unlimited Edition for both DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for i offers flexibility for direct connections to DB2 servers (without the DB2 Connect Server or Gateway) and transparently handles growth in number of users and applications. More customers anticipate the need for more users accessing DB2 data from Web, Mobile and Cloud anytime, anywhere. DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition license charges are not based on number of users or application servers, rather it is based off the processing capacity of zSeries and iSeries servers. This allows any number of distributed users, applications and workstations to connect. It also allows server side install of DB2 Connect license, instead of replicating the license on potentially hundreds of client workstations or application servers.

We are seeing a pattern whereby the decision to trade up to DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition is taken when customers adopt direct connectivity to DB2 servers (without the DB2 Connect Server or Gateway component). With the advancements in DB2 Connect client drivers around connection management, failover and workload management, more customers are adopting direct distributed connectivity to DB2 instead of going through the DB2 Connect Server or Gateway component. Direct connections to DB2 offers several advantages -

1) Simplification of distributed connectivity by reduction of one layer.
2)  Reduced resource consumption since no resources for DB2 Connect Server machines  (hardware, software) needed. No installation, maintenance, migration of this extra component.
3) Improved availability as point of failure is removed.     

4)  Improved response time of distributed applications (especially OLTP applications) due to elimination of extra hop.
We encourage you to evaluate simplification of DB2 Connect environment by going direct to DB2 (without Gateway) and upgrading to Unlimited Edition. You will not have to worry about growing number of users and applications who become instantly available without any prior notice from different channels such as Web, Mobile and Cloud.

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I'll tell you why.... The more insight we seek the more intimate we become with entities in our business and the data that relates to them.  Today's analytics delves deep into the data in our every day lives - what we purchased, what car we own, who we are related to, how much we earn. where and how we spend it, our health status, marital status, how many children we have, what we like and what we don't like - the list goes on.

So come listen to me talk with my co presenter Rebecca Wormleighton - details below.

Webcast June 12, 2013 12:00PM ETD. Why is Information Governance So Important for Modern Analytics?

The data that feeds your analytics solutions can include everything from customer details to financial records to employee data. The impact of this data getting into the wrong hands either internally or externally can have a major impact on the organizations success and can cost many millions of dollars, which brings information governance and analytics to the forefront for many organizations.

Register for this teleconference to learn how to:
*Reduce business risks and costs
*Deliver the business insights your users need to drive optimal business performance
*Decrease the opportunity for critical data to be exposed and put at risk

Join this teleconference and learn how the combination of IBM information governance offerings and analytic solutions on the z Enterprise platform can help you to enhance information integrity, availability and quality - and download the complimentary white papers.

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