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I decided I need to blog on big data - particular on how the IBM System z platform and DB2 for z/OS fits into this new emerging world of "I want to know everything about everything". For so long organizations have focused on getting more out the core data they already have - most of which is highly structured data, rich in content (I'm talking about the record/transaction based data stored in databases, used by home grown and packaged applications). It's trusted, you know where is comes from, you understand the provenance behind it. It's estimated that 95% or fortune 1000 companies store some of the data on System z because of its integrity and ability to store, secure, process data, to scale and be resilient, But then there's all that "other stuff" - someone else's problem (now I'm referring to emails, social media, machine/sensor data, time series, geospatial and so forth - "differently structured" data ). But organizations started to realize just how valuable this "other stuff" could be. It could potentially provide different insights and perspectives of who a customer is, what their real needs and wants are, how the "feel" about a service, product or your company.

Over the coming months I'm going to take you on my journey as I discover more about the realities of big data and what it means for businesses, governments, and - you and me - the people. Let me start by stating this : Yes it's a paradigm, a strategy but do you suddenly stop what you're doing today and start "big data" projects? Eh.... no. In all likelihood you are probably doing it already - particular if you do have the System z platform. So what is big data I hear you asking? In a nutshell it's your ability to process, integrate, understand data from anywhere that is relevant to your business. Of course it's not without its challenges. So why do it ? Because when it comes to doing business big data augments / expands on what you already know about the market, a product, a customer, etc. The more we know the better we can manage risk, costs and identify opportunities for growth - That's big data in a nut shell.

So stay with me as I show why DB2 for z/OS and System z can be integral to the success of big data in the enterprise and what we are doing to help you make big data a reality. Think BIG., Think z.

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