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In-Database AI Client Experiences with Db2 for z/OS + Demo 

Don't  miss this live webcast on 2nd November 2021 - 11:00AM EST
Tom Ramey will highlight some of the key challenges facing Db2 for z/OS clients and how AI is a breakthrough technology, that when applied to Db2 for z/OS performance management and resiliency can have a major impact. Tom will be joined by Benny Van Straten from Rabobank and Tom Beavin from IBM.  Tom Beavin will share Db2 AI use cases and host a live Db2 AI demo.Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company; Benny will share first-hand experiences and lessons learnt around Db2 AI for z/OS and the power of in-database AI.

 What will you learn by attending this webcast?

  • Hear first-hand client feedback and experiences
  • Learn how Db2 AI improves SQL performance using machine learning based on unique patterns found when executing the queries in a production environment. 
  • Learn how Db2 AI automatically detects SQL access path performance regressions and automatically restores the performance back to its optimal level
  • Learn how Db2 AI automatically stabilizes dynamic queries with their optimal access path, reducing prepare overhead


Tom Ramey IBM WW Director, Data and AI on IBM Z

Benny van Straten IT Specialist/DB2 Rabobank

Akiko Hoshikawa IBM Distinguished Engineer

Tom Beavin IBM Db2 AI for z/OS Development Machine Learning and Optimization


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Greetings !!

The Kolkata India DB2 User Group (KIDUG) is a Regional Users Group (RUG) & is an organized group of individuals at the local level who share an interest in IBM’s DB2 Family of Products or similar information Management opportunities. The group has started taking shape from 2013 and has been gaining momentum ever since with professionals from different organizations showing interest. The details about the group can be found at


An event was organized last year at Kolkata, which was quite a success being attended by around 120 people where a number of topics covering both DB2 on z/OS and DB2 on LUW tracks were presented. This being first such initiative at Kolkata, it generated a lot of interest and positive feedback. Given the success of the last time, a similar event is planned for June 14th, 2014. The event was attended by professionals from various renowned organizations like IBM, Cognizant etc. and also by some of the students from Technical Institutes like Techno India. An entry fee was collected last time from each of the delegates to cover the expenses of the event.

The idea is to spread the message to a wider base of professionals from various IT Organizations in and around Kolkata like TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, HCL etc. so that there are better networking opportunities and idea exchanges happening. The message could be spread to other non IT companies as well who are either using DB2 or are a potential user of the same. We also would like to bring some distinguished speakers from different organizations to share their DB2 experiences.

The different set of professionals who are expected to benefit by attending these sessions are:

1)      DB2 programmers
2)      DB2 DBAs
3)      Data Architects
4)      People working on Migration/Replatforming projects
5)      IT Project Managers

Thanks and Regards,

Kolkata India DB2 User Group

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