There they sit - in the restaurant a family together - but apart. Heads down in their virtual and social worlds engrossed on their mobile devices.  Food arrives and they're back to the physical world.  And all the time - organizations are watching, collecting data on them.

Why is mobile such a phenomenon?  These devices are always on. We visit 120 screens a day on our mobile devices - checking things, socializing, purchasing on line.  To businesses - mobile adds 2 new important dimensions to analytcis - time and place - in addition to all the rich information we generate. Organizations and retailers can offer geographical, time critical and content-specific offers to encourage customers to make that purchase decision in the “mobile moment".

Executives need to stay in touch with what is happening in their businesses 24x7 - in the office, at home, in a cab. on an airplane. Is now the right time to make that decision? Should we invest / divest ? These always-on, smart connected devices have become the mobile office, enabling users to make smarter decisions at the right time. So mobile devices are driving real-time and personalized business analytics. It's unacceptable to wait for a response on a mobile device. Mobile users seem to be calling the shots. In the UK the #1 reason why the "Millenials" (20-30 age group) switch banks is they don't like the mobile app.

So what does this mean for organizations with DB2?  Well if you have DB2 for z/OS - or IMS - you in good hands.  System z just scales and DB2 for z/OS is enabled for mobile device development with full support for MongoDB.  It delivers immediate access to the very latest transactional data - not a cached out of date copy. Add DB2 Analytics Accelerator and complex queries are slashed from days to seconds which means complex predictive and anti-fraud models can be refreshed hourly instead of weekly to help reduce the ever increasing business risks.

If you want to learn more join me and my co-speaker Adrian Lurie for "Mobilizing the enterprise: Business anytime, anywhere" on Nov 11 2014 at 11:00am EST.
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