The OMEGAMON Db2 Enhanced 3270 User Interface main workspace displays statistical values which are totals since the start of Db2. Because a DB2 subsystem runs for a long time the statistics may not be relevant to more recent problems. Situations and highlighting of fields can become almost meaningless because the values are too large.

With this enhancement (APAR PH35707 PTF UI76291) you will be able to display Db2 Statistics for a recent interval for example the last 24 hours. Now situations and thresholds can be based on recent values like deadlocks that occurred today.

OMEGAMON Configuration Manager or PARMGEN may need to be run to enable Snapshot History for Db2 Statistics. Below are the applicable parameters:

· KD2_PF01_SH_D2SHKHST -> Y (Enable Snapshot History)

· KD2_PF01_SH_D2SHSTAT -> Y (enable SH Db2 System Statistics Collection)

· KD2_PF01_SH_D2SHSTAI -> 1…86400 (Db2 System Statistics Collection interval in seconds). Recommended 3600 once collection per hour.

· KD2_PF01_SH_D2SHSPAR -> Y (enable SH Db2 System Parameters Collection)

· KD2_PF01_SH_D2SHSPAI -> 1…86400 (Db2 System Parameters Collection interval in seconds). Recommended 3600 once collection per hour.

These parameters are set in RKD2PAR(OMPEXXXX) where XXXX is the Db2 subsystem name:


Another mandatory requirement is to define an Interval reset situation. A situation must be defined on the Interval_reset table using the HOUR column to set the time when the Statistics should be reset.

This example below shows resetting the Statistics at Midnight every night.

This situation should be distributed to all Db2 subsystems that you want to see interval statistics for.


New Panels have been created in E3270 UI for this enhancement as shown below. 

From the All Active DB2 Subsystems Main Workspace, Select D to display KDPINTVS – The Db2 Interval summary workspace.


The D Select can be used to show more detail for one specific Db2 subsystem on the KDPINTVD  Db2 Subsystem Interval Statistics detail Workspace as shown below.



Being able to create situations and highlight on the DP_interval_statistics table will allow you to monitor your Db2 subsystems more accurately and pinpoint the times when problems occur.

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Paul Kenney is a Senior Software Engineer, an Architect and Development Lead for the OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS.
Mick Harris is a Principal Software Engineer, the Architect and the Development Lead for OMEGAMON for CICS.

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