Partitioning key columns for tables created before Db2 Version 5 can now be updated

By Haakon Roberts and Judy Tobias. Before Db2 Version 5, table columns that were in a partitioning index could not be updated. Since Version 5, the columns were updateable in tables that were created in Version 5 or later, but the partitioning key columns in older tables remained non-updateable. You needed to use an awkward and time-consuming procedure, such as unloading the data, dropping the table, recreating the table, and reloading the data, to make the columns updateable.
You now have much better alternatives. If you perform one of these operations, Db2 automatically makes the columns updateable:
  • In Db2 11 or Db2 12, convert the table space from index-controlled partitioning to table-controlled partitioning
  • In Db2 11 or Db2 12, convert the table space to a partition-by-range table space
  • In Db2 12, convert the table space from a partition-by-range table space with absolute page numbering to a partition-by-range table space with relative page numbering
To take advantage of these changes, before you convert your table spaces, apply the relevant PTFs, based on your version of Db2:
Db2 12: APAR PI73415
Db2 11: APAR PI73421
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