Hi, there's something I'd like to comment with you watching this blog entry: 
See, there's a customer who is seriously considering to migrate its DB2 databases running in z/linux (i.e. linux running under z/VM in IBM mainframes) as well as their DB2 databases on POWER Linux towards Intel based linux servers due to economical reasons. 
Regardless of the challenge of forcefully migrate via db2look + db2move (since no backup-restore is possible in this scenario)  and re-compile thousands of objects, cobol programs, etc. etc. 
I'd like to know if: 
  • Has any of you a running DB2 PRODUCTION environment on Intel based linux servers, and if so,
  • How was/is the experience ?
  • Does it work reasonably well and reliable?
  • Does it have its "special All-bran moments"?
  • Does it scale more or less in a linear fashion or is there a non-return point beyond which performance drops in an asymptotic way?
  • ... ?
The z/Linux database has 350 GB in size and the Power Linux one aproximately 600 GB
Instead of moving to Linux Intel I did the test of moving the z/Linux DB2 database directly to Power Linux and it was so straight and seamless as a backup-restore (redirected) and it was working within 1 hour. That was it. 
In several articles I've read, it seems a common belief that POWER's advantage over Intel relies on the POWER's firmware integrated virtualizer as opposite to Intel's software based 3rd. party hypervisors. 
I fear there might be an initial few-user parity between both of them that might later empirically prove 
POWER's supremacy as user connections and workloads become heavier and heavier. 
However the customer rules and seems to favor intel over Power Linux based upon the idea of a cheaper hardware whose theoretical cost saving makes it worth "a little slowness".
So what do you think? 
Any comments are welcome. 
Best regards from Madrid.

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