When:Sunday, Oct 20, 2019 09:30 to 17:00
Where: IDUG EMEA 2019 - Rotterdam
Price: FREE



Db2 12 for z/OS Migration Planning & Continuous Delivery Workshop focuses on how you can quickly upgrade to Db2 12  and take advantage of Continuous Delivery of new functions and features related with System, zHW, Application Development safely and securely. We will also provide information and overviews of how the success of Db2 for z/OS Version 12 into production can be achieved. It will talk about some key important areas which are essential to the success and what the avoidable pitfalls may be. The workshop will provide  the right information, facts, and guidance for Db2 12 migration strategy. 


  • To help customers that are planning to upgrade to Db2 12 or are already on Db2 12. This workshop will level set right expectations of Db2 12 Migration Planning and will also provide some real customer feedback and advice on how to avoid pitfalls. 
  • To provide  knowledge and IBM Best Practices in areas like Continuous Delivery,  APPLCOMPAT in conjunction with Function Levels, Utilities in general Access Paths and many other areas. and  which are  proven by real customer experiences, 

What you will learn?

Beside the important key migration strategies you will understand  the new world of continues delivery. You also will gain technical overview of new Db2 12 for z/OS functions and features. These will include performance enhancements for traditional workloads,  enhancements for modern workloads, application enablement enhancements, reliability, availability, scalability and security. 

Benefits of Attending the Workshop

  • This workshop will help you understand how to safely migrate your enterprise so you are enabled to reap cost savings and business benefits by upgrading to Db2 12.
  • The guidance and direction captured will help customers gain competitive advantages ensuring effective migration, avoiding pit fails with less risk.
  • You will gain insight about archiving business insight, better performance, and operational efficiency with less cost.

Target Audience

Target audience and experience level: DBAs, Db2 Managers, Db2 System programmers. The experience at the levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced are welcome.

Speaker Bio:

Michael is a IBM senior Software Engineer and Db2 Consulting Specialist based in Germany, working for IBM Db2 z/OS development (Silicon Valley Laboratory). He has over 25+ years of experience working with Db2 z/OS. Before joining IBM in 2001, he worked for large banking IT providers. He is experienced in Db2, IMS and z/OS system programming, client/server, parallel sysplex, Db2 data sharing implementations, subsystem environments like, CICS, IMS and others. Always aiming for high availability and continuous availability setups with focus on performance. He also is a co-author of IBM Db2 Redbooks and White papers and experienced presenter at IDUG and Db2 Technical Conferences in the past. Since 2004 he works as a member of the Db2 z/OS Development SWAT team supporting and advocating customers across various industries and geographies.


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