When Mobile and Analytics Collide

How many dimensions are there to analyzing data?  Strange question?  Sit tight.....

When we analyze data we look for insights - meanings, patterns, correlation of events that might help us identify and lower risks - similarly with costs - or we might look for opportunities to increase market share, revenue and profit. We might want to understand what happened in the past and why; run what-if scenarios or try to predict what might happen next with degrees of confidence.  We may want to just investigate in an ad-hoc fashion to see what emerges (opportunistically).  All this to strive for better business outcomes.

With me so far ?  Good....

Then along comes that army of smartphone users - yeah, you and me included, browsing, searching, communicating and making purchasing decisions. We want to know NOW.  We want to buy NOW. We want to make that decision NOW. The NOW is governed by our impatience and the need for instant gratification but sometimes it is driven where we physically are - at home, in a store, at a concert, in an emergency situation, in a grief stricken moment.  So this disruptive device has added time sensitivity and geo-location dimensions to the mix - driving analytics to real-time and therefore business critical analytics.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..... Really?? You asked for new smartphone???  Peace out!

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