I keep getting asked "Why is Spark so popular?"  My view is it comes down to addressing Four  major requirements :

(1) Easy access to the right data - spark abstracts a lot of complexities when accessing data and handles it in a uniform way using Resilient Distributed Data Sets and DataFrames - more on this in other blogs.  It can access local and remote data - depends on how critical performance is.

(2) Cognitive capabilities - the machine learning capabilities enables Spark to become more intelligent and learn about the data.  Goodbye static algorithms - hello dynamic learning algorithms.

(3) Ubiquity - Spark runs on many platforms and environments so your Spark analytics can run where the data is. It brings the analytics to the data.

(4) Superduper fast - It can all be analyzed in memory,

I'm going to be discussing this in more detail March 1.  But what's your view on why it is so popular?


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