Any body watch the the launch of the IBM z13?  Wow - what and incredible piece of technology.  I blogged earlier back in December on mobile and analytics colliding.  It really has created a new tipping point in the industry.  Mobile iss driving business analytics to real time and analytics are gaining more insight from the tidal wave of mobile data and transactions that are being generated.  Think about it.  How many time do you access you cell phone in a day, in a week in a month, in a year !  All that lovely data.  There is only one database that can managed this workload. And now the z13 does it faster, smarter and more integrated than ever.  To find out more join me and Rebecca for a new webcast on Jan 27 11:00 ET on "When Mobile and Analytics Collide : Are you prepared?"  Hey - you get a free white paper !

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